"Roxanne. I love you. I've loved you for a long time. There's no one but you in my heart. I couldn't move on without you." He nestled his face against my neck, inhaling my perfume. Moaning lightly, licking my flesh. "I wanted to run away with you for a long time, but I couldn't. My duty held me back. It stopped me from making you mind. I knew I couldn't have you. I had to wait to claim you for myself." ~ Thomas Gallo

Thomas Gallo, to me the most mysterious of the Gallo brothers. He never really made a true appearance until Resist Me, where you not only met him, but you got to see a little of what his life was like as a DEA agent.

Thomas has been posing undercover as Blue for a long time. As Blue, he's second in command to the Sun Devils. As Thomas the DEA agent, he's trying to bring the MC gang The Sun Devils down. In doing this, he's done some pretty shady things in the world he's been immersed in. In Uncover Me he tries to come to grips with the things he had to do to stay undercover and trusted by the Sun Devils. 

Unlike Michael and Joey Gallo who found love in their stories, Thomas is already in love with someone. Sarah Roxanne Parker or Roxy as Blue has called her for the past year is a product of the Sun Devils. Her mom was somebody's old lady and didn't really care for Roxy at all. When her dad died, her mom was more interested in finding another warm body to sleep with than taking care of her daughter. Basically, Roxy was raised by the MC. She's a really great girl and has done pretty well, considering her circumstances are not the greatest. Roxy is a stripper and she is getting pretty tired of that life. 

When Thomas and the DEA take down the Sun Devils, Thomas realizes he can't live without Roxy and goes to get her and bring her home with him. A home and a family, that he hasn't seen for over a year. In an incredibly romantic scene Thomas tells Roxy she's it for him and I melted a little inside.

Of course Thomas Gallo is beautiful. He's got the body, the face, those blue, blue Gallo eyes and he's incredibly passionate. Did I mention the tatts? Because they just amp up his hotness factor. He is an amazing book boyfriend. In bed with Roxy he definitely knows how to make a lady feel better than good. Hell I wasn't even in bed with him and he made me feel all tingly.

So Thomas and Roxy who is now being called Angel go back to Tampa where the entire Gallo clan calls home. Thomas' first Sunday dinner back Roxy is afraid to come with him, so she stays at Thomas' home. Thomas feels a sense of detachment because of the things he's done during his time undercover. There's also been a lot of change in the Gallo family. Mike is with Mia, Joey and Suzy are married and expecting a baby and of course Thomas' handler James Caldo is involved with Izzy Gallo.

One thing I love about Chelle Bliss's books they always have humor in them. The exchange between Thomas and James when Thomas realizes what's going on between James and Izzy is laugh out loud funny.

I adore the entire Gallo family. They're loving and loud and they ALWAYS have each others backs. Isn't that what family is all about? Of course when the Gallos finally meet Roxy they accept her with open arms and Thomas knows he's made the right decision bringing her home with him. 

Don't get too comfortable because there's a plot twist and it starts when Roxy starts receiving some creepy text messages. At this point Roxy believes the only thing to do is leave Thomas and disappear . That's when the fun really begins. 

I have to say I adore the Gallo boys and I'm totally looking forward to Anthony's story. He's also something of a mystery and I love the way Chelle built up to us knowing Anthony's story is coming next.

If you haven't gotten into this series yet, do yourself a click it. Every book is sexy and funny and a really good read and did I mention sexy?

Uncover Me is not just a sexy read, although sex with Thomas would be outstanding, there's also a lot of humor, action and Gallo love. A solid four lip smack review for the latest addition to the Gallo family of books.


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