"Sophie, I'm going to kiss you now, and you're going to feel it in your soul. And you'll know without a doubt that I'm yours and no one else's from now on." ~ Josh North

"Sophie Garner...I'm going to make you forget every man you ever knew I'm going to heal your heart from every broken I love you I'm going to take on your old demons, chase the shadows until day; I'll cherish you forever and never go away. I'm going to love you, like you've never seen Darlin' I'm the only man that you're ever going to need." ~ Josh North

I was literally a pile of goo the entire time I read this book. Josh North is complete perfection. He's body is beyond perfect, dark short hair, eyes that are brown with gold flecks in them, and that ink. Sweet baby Jesus that ink. He is well, sex on a stick. And Sophie Garner is the lucky girl who tames our used to be playboy.

Josh North hasn't always been a champion MMA fighter with a fantastic life and women falling at his feet, eager to be the one on his arm. When we first meet him, Josh is a troubled teenager being sent to a halfway house of sorts, run by his uncle Cade. Josh is wounded and broken and for most of the book that's Josh's secret to tell.

Sophie Garner, wasn't always Sophie Garner. For a while she was Bella Murphy. Married to a crooked, abusive police officer this is not the life she wants to live. But, Bella's got other secrets and thinks she doesn't deserve love. The only thing good in her life is her baby daughter. When she realizes how very dangerous her husband is and how even the police weren't helping. She takes matters into her own hands and runs with her daughter.

Moving from place to place and changing identities has become a way of life for Sophie and now three year old Charlie. She's finally put down some roots in a North Dakota town where she has started a job as massage therapist at the local hospital. Her first client? Josh North. Who in his second career as a volunteer firefighter is badly injured. 

When Sophie comes in to massage Josh he is face down in his hospital bed since he has fractures in his back. The sexual tension between Josh is Sophie is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Josh hasn't really even seen her face, but he knows he wants more of Sophie. So he comes up with the brilliant plan to hire Sophie as part of his fighting team. He needs a masseuse and clearly Sophie is who he wants.

Of course at first Sophie says no. Her first thought is always for Charlie and she doesn't think being in the spot light with Josh would be the best thing for them. When Sophie turns down Josh's offer, he counters with, well, an offer she can't refuse. Sophie's biggest clauses are the relationship must be kept professional and she and Charlie must not be photographed. 

The thing is, Sophie has totally gotten under Josh's skin (Good Lord I'd like to be under his skin, over his skin, on his skin). Anyway, as they travel and work together they begin to build a close relationship. Their attraction is undeniable and everyone sees this woman is basically it for Josh. All except for Sophie. She thinks Josh just wants her for a one night stand. Even when he tells her over and over she's it for him. Sophie doesn't believe it.

Josh gets more and more perfect. Spending time with Sophie and Charlie. He knows they're a package deal. When Charlie calls this hulking MMA fighter Joshy, it's the sweetest thing I've ever heard. And believe me, Joshy is just as attached to Charlie and her beautiful mommy.

When Sophie and Josh finally get together it is hotter than hot. This pent up attraction they have for each other blows up into a night of passion. Josh North is OMG just so perfect I can't. Sophie is one lucky woman. After this Sophie tries to run again. Thank goodness Josh is fighting for her because they belong together.

Ok so here's the Brothers of Ink and Steel part. Remember when Josh was at that halfway house? Well these seven guys are the one's that stayed together. They are a band of brothers and their bond will never be broken. And no joke, I can't wait for the rest of this series.

Now remember I told you, Josh has a story to tell? Well so does Sophie and they're not my stories to tell, so you have to one click Dare by Allie Juliette Mousseau to find out. Believe me you won't be disappointed. There's a serious plot twist and well anything can happen. Just one click...go ahead.

I am completely in love with Josh North. I melted at some of the things he said to Sophie and I wish I could be between the sheets with him because damn....just damn.

A five lip smack review for the first book of the Brothers of Ink and Steel. I loved it and I'm sure you will too.


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