He'd said her name many times but never like that, as if it were the most precious sound in the world to him. Before she could even think how to answer - or even decide if an answer was required - he kissed her and this too was different, almost as if he were trying to show her something he couldn't say. It wasn't the words she wanted to hear, but she would take it.

I have literally sat down to write this review for the past three days and every time I sat something always pulled me away. So here I sit now telling everyone not to bother me so I can write about Jake Buchanan in peace.

Jake Buchanan where do I begin? He is an ex-Navy SEAL that now works for Logan Kincaid at K2 Special Services. He's extremely good looking. The kind of good where if you're out with him, you're probably going to be ignored. Around K2, Jake is known as Romeo. It's exactly the way it sounds. Jake is a huge womanizer and doesn't apologize for it. Women know what they're getting into with him. A few weeks of fun and then he's done. There is one girl he's interested in that he's been warned to stay away from....

Maria Kincaid is that woman. In her last year of law school, she works at K2 with her brother Logan (yup you guessed it, Jake's boss). Logan is the alpha male who warned Jake away from his sister. Something about killing him if he ever tried that. This Maria is off limits rule is one Jake has never crossed the line on until....

Maria is looking for her real dad. Logan and Maria had a mom who clearly wasn't a role model for her children (it's a wonder they turned out as good as they did). Lovey Dovey, yup that's her name was...well...basically a prostitute. She got paid for sex and she was a horrible mother. Thank goodness Logan and Maria got away from her without being to damaged. Anyway, Maria wants to know her dad. There are three possibilities. Two are alive, one is dead. The first place she visits is the home of one Hernando Fortunada. Let's just say the meeting doesn't exactly go as Maria had hoped. After helping a teenage girl escape from Fortunada, she finds herself on the receiving end of his anger.

Who does Maria call for help? Nope not her brother, she calls Jake. Even though it's the middle of the night and he has a woman in his bed, he rushes out to rescue Maria. Unfortunately, that's not the last Maria sees of Fortunada. He is a much worse man than she could even imagine. He wants something and he's not resting until he gets Maria. When Jake gets to Maria, he starts to have these feelings he's never had before. Feelings about being with Maria for more than a few weeks of fun. Making sure nothing happens to her becomes Jakes mission. Oh did I mention, he kisses her? Out of the clear blue sky, he brings his lips to hers and the two share a passionate kiss.

Of course after finally learning about what happened to Maria, Logan is angry and sets up protection for Maria. Only Logan sends a K2 called Saint. Romeo is not invited to protect Maria. The thing is they want each other and finally after years of wondering what it would be like. They take that step and get together. Maria and Jake's chemistry is fantastic. Maria was never satisfied by her only other boyfriend, she thinks sex might not even be important to her. Well Jake shows her otherwise and damn, I wish it was me.

Our story doesn't end there. Logan calls Jake back to go on a Special Ops mission. In the midst of getting ready for this, Maria gets kidnapped by the crazy Fortunada. Now it's your turn. To find out if Jake goes on his mission, if Maria gets rescued, even if Jake and Maria find true love together, you have to one click and read Someone Like Her by Sandra Owens.

I'm giving Someone Like Her a solid four lip smack review. There's a lot of good stuff in this book. Things you don't expect, definitely some angst and a totally hot alpha male in Jake Buchanan. He even goes a little bit caveman at times. It's very sexy.


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