"I've tried damn hard to shut you out of my heart, but you stole it so quickly after I laid eyes on you. I love you, precious. I always have, and damn me to hell, I always will." ~ Macen Hammerman

"You and I will spend some time together,  just the two of us, until we share an understanding. Do you hear me, Raine? I was as clear as I could be yesterday when I told you that you were mine and I would not share you with another." ~ Liam O'Neill

Two different quotes from two very different men. One Dom To Love is....hmmmmm....a book containing a very erotic and intense love triangle.

Meet Raine Kendall, the woman at the center of the triangle. A broken and scared runaway, Macen "Hammer" Hammerman found her in an alleyway outside of his very posh BDSM club called, Shadows. Hammer takes Raine in and takes care of her. More care than anyone in her life has ever done (Raine has abandonment issues for a reason). Hammer takes care of all Raines needs except for one. He won't even consider allowing  Raine be his sub, something she wants more than anything.

Somewhere along the way Raine has fallen in love with Hammer. Grateful to him for getting her off the streets, she takes very good care of him (no I don't mean sex). Here's the thing, Hammer is in love with Raine, everyone can see it but him. Well I think even he knows, he's terrified to act on it. Yea, he's got a secret you'll  find out about. I wasn't kidding about the very different men thing. Hammer is a dom with insatiable needs. He feels that if he ever took Raine that way he would ruin her.

Enter Liam O'Neill, a very sexy Irishman and one of Hammer's best friends. He sees what's going on between Raine and Hammer and devises a plan. One of the oldest plans in the book I might add. Make the guy jealous. If Liam claims Raine as his sub in training, Hammer would be forced to see them together and couldn't do anything about it.

Liam poses his offer to Raine and they share a smoking hot moment. Oh there's chemistry between these two. Skin on fire, I want more chemistry. She doesn't give him an answer and tries to get with Hammer one more time. Um let's just say it doesn't work out for her and she's given a punishment from Hammer for her misbehavior. Here's the part where I tell you, I think Raine is fantastic. She's not just a beauty. She's witty and charming and definitely feisty. It's easy to see how two men can fall in love with her.

Gah...I'm talking too much here, but the book is so good. It's really got so much I want to share, but I want you to read it and ugh.....

The night of the punishment goes horribly wrong and somewhere along the way Liam claims Raine as his sub in training and man does he claim her. In a scene that made my girlie parts all tingly, Liam makes Raine his.

Hammer loses it when this happens. Destroying an area in his club, Raine hears something and out of the bed she's sharing with Liam to see what's going on. Of course an insanely drunken Hammer confesses his love to Raine and sweet baby Jesus they share a night together that is off the chain hot. 

Guess what? (Whispering voice) Raine still belongs to Liam. Liam finds Raine and decides to take her away, which promptly sends Hammer into yet another downward spiral. That's where I'm ending it for you, because I absolutely want you to one click, One Dom To Love.

As book boyfriends Hammer and Liam are polar opposites. They are both doms, but I can assure you the way the men go about treating their submissive is beyond different. I know which one I would want as my dom. Read the book and let me know which dom is for you. Hammer or Liam. Then I'll tell you my pick.

A five lip smack review for One Dom to Love. I realized how much I loved this book, when I sat down to write this and couldn't shut up!! OMG I almost forgot!!! There's a part two!!!


  1. <3 Thank you soooo much!! Thrilled that you enjoyed the story!! HUGS!


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