"I can't lose you Riley. I love you too much. Tell me we gotta shot at fixing this...Please. Even if you're lying and tomorrow it'll all be different, just give me this night. Just one night to feel you next to me and imagine that we're okay; I need to get rid of this hurt in my chest. I'm begging you for that. I just want you to lie to me and tell me we'll be okay." Zander

If that quote doesn't make you fall absolutely in love with Zander, I don't know what on Earth will. Because I am seriously in love with him.

Let me share, I totally love this book. It's a story that is very relevant, and it also has all of the components of a fantastic book boyfriend book. Yes, Zander is unbelievably swoon worthy. There is something about him that is just so hot, I had him in my brain for days after I finished.

First of all, he is absolutely beautiful. Dark hair, dark eyes and a body that Riley was unable to keep her hands off of. Now here's the best part. Even though Riley made it very clear she wanted to take their relationship in a very physical direction, Zander wants to take it slow and make sure their relationship isn't based on sex. He got major points for that (although I have to admit, it sounded like a very difficult task to not go there). He is loyal and even though he's had a pretty tough life, he manages to be extremely caring and loving.

But we all know the story can't possibly go all that smoothly. Scarred By Love opens up with Riley Parks being physically abused by her longtime boyfriend. It's happened before, but this time there's no hiding what Parker's done to her. Riley has four brothers. All very alpha male in their own way. They're all very close and rally around Riley, making sure she knows they will NEVER let this happen again.

The abuse of Parker has absolutely scarred Riley. She leaves school for a while and when she finally goes back, she and best friend Kate move into an off campus apartment. Riley's brother Carson is the brother Riley's closest to and he attends the same university. He's also got a thing for Kate, but that's another story.

The first night back Kate and Carson convince Riley to go to a frat party with them. Hesitant at first, she goes and meets Zander. Riley has never been attracted to anyone the way she's attracted to Zander. And yes he feels the exact same way. But that night doesn't work out for them. Especially when Riley sees Zander dancing with and singing to another girl minutes after he was flirting with Riley. By the way the singing gives Zander even more hot boy points. He's the lead singer of a popular local band (and no that girl isn't his girlfriend).

After fighting her attraction to Zander and coming up with reason after reason to not date him, they finally get together. The two of them are insanely attracted to each other and even a simple kiss is epic. I mentioned before Riley wanting to just jump on Zander the first time they were together.

You would think with all his perfectness Zander and Riley would just get their happily ever after with no problems. Think again. As amazing as he is, Zander has flaws and those flaws threaten this new relationship. Riley also has major trust issues and they keep coming between her and Zander.

While you're reading (and you really should be one clicking now), don't underestimate Riley. For all her girliness, she's definitely a kick ass chick. I love all of her brothers and of course her best friend Kate. It's a great story that will give you a roller coaster ride of emotions as you're reading.

I have a feeling Zander, will be making another visit on Best Book Boyfriends this year. He is absolutely a candidate for Riley's Top Ten Best Book Boyfriends of 2014!!

A definite five lip smack story by C.A. Harms!! I'm in the middle of Kate and Carson's story now. And I'm looking forward to Max's book next!! Will C.A. let Max settle down??


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