"Chloe, I noticed you because you weren't the same. All those other girls in the room were. Dressed similar and pretty and flirty in the most obvious of ways. You weren't pretty Chloe. You were like a fucking distress flare in comparison to all those girls. Completely unassuming, completely unaware of how you drew my eye and kept it on you. Those little tank tops you wore to work drove me wild. Without doing anything you had my attention."

I started following KL Shandwick when I got hooked on her Everything Series and fell in love with Alfie Black this year. When she mentioned Gibson's Legacy to me she said, "Riley, I think you might love Gibson more than Alfie." No way I thought to myself. That's not going to happen. I'm so sorry Alfie, but Sweet Jesus Gibson Barclay just made me crazy. Everything about him attracted me. His stunning features, the grey eyes and dark hair combination, his sexy as hell body complete with soft, tanned lickable skin the way he doesn't apologize to anyone for the person he is. Did I forget to mention Gibson is a southern boy and every time he called Chloe darlin' my tummy did a little flip?

Gibson Barclay is the lead singer of the band M3rCy. His band plays weekly at a local bar that is generally crowded with college kids. Gibson young and well, always horny takes full advantage of all the willing groupies available to him and let's just say, never lacks female companionship. Which leads me to Chloe Jenner. She is a waitress at the bar where Gibson's band plays. She has also walked in on Gibson in compromising positions on more than one occasion. Chloe doesn't think much of Gibson as a person, but there's no denying the attraction she feels to him. 

Chloe is one of the good girls. She's faithful to her boyfriend Kace and even though one night on stage Gibson doesn't take his eyes off of her, Chloe doesn't give him the time of day. However, more than one person notices the intense chemistry between Gibson and Chloe.

Fast forward five years. M3rCy is insanely successful touring the world and Chloe has graduated from college and is now living with Kace. For some reason, Gibson has never been able to get Chloe out of his head. Especially after the almost kiss the two of them shared many years ago one rainy afternoon.

Chloe has not been as fortunate as Gibson. Kace has turned from a loving boyfriend into a drunken, abusive pig. The abuse becomes so bad, Chloe knows she has to escape and that's exactly what she does. She vanishes without a trace to begin a new life in New York City. 

And that's where our story really begins. It takes her a while but Chloe starts coming out of her shell. Reconnecting with old friends and making new friends her life is finally moving in the right direction. 

Now I don't want to give too much away. But I will tell you all these years later Gibson and Chloe find each other again. Gibson has had a chance to grow into his fame and it doesn't seem so important to bang anything with a pulse after a show. He wants Chloe. Wants to know why he can't shake the feelings he has for her after so much time.

Chloe is not as thrilled for Gibson to once again be in her life. She remembers the old Gibson. And even though she's never been as attracted to anyone as she is to Gibson, she's just not willing to go there with him.

Gibson totally brings his A game to get Chloe to give him a chance and he finally starts to break down her walls. Let me just tell you that man can do anything he wants to my walls. Chloe and Gibson have supreme chemistry to begin with and when she finally gives in to him, dayummmmm is it hot. As Gibson says their chemistry wasn't just smoking' it was more like a forest fire.

It would be fantastic is KL wrapped it up with a nice little happily ever after.....but she's giving us more Gibson (hurry up and write, pretty please). So keep these things in mind: Chloe ran away from Kace. Being with Gibson makes her very visible. Female fans are bitches and obviously have no love for Chloe and finally there's Tori. She's part of the band, she wants Gibson for herself and she's not afraid to let Chloe know that. Wait I almost forgot. Gibson has this weird uneasy feeling about Chloe's friend Ruby. Is there some history there? So you can see my impatience wanting the next book.

A five lip smack review for Gibson's Legacy. Gibson is absolutely swoon worthy. One click and you can fall in love with him too!


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