"It's me saying you're mine and no one else's. I take responsibility for you and your well-being. Physically-I'll keep you safe. Financially-I'll take care of everything you need and want. You won't work because I'll see to all you expenses." She gave me her virginity. I'm the only man to ever have her. I plan to keep it that way. "Sexually, we've already worked that one out. I'm the only man you'll give yourself to and vice versa. I won't be with other woman." ~ Sinclair Breckenridge

Yes, Sinclair Breckenridge is a caveman and I loved every bit of him. Bleu MacAllister AKA Stella Bleu Lawrence is on a mission. Her mission? Kill the man who murdered her mother and left her for dead when she was just seven years old.

In case you're wondering...Sinclair's father Thane is the man Bleu is after. She's using Sinclair as a means to an end. Only she didn't expect to fall in love with Sin along the way.

Thane Breckenridge is the top dog in the Fellowship, a Scottish organized crime group. Sin of course is next in line to take charge after dad passes the torch. Bleu has planned her whole life for the moment she would kill Thane Breckenridge and avenge her beloved mother's death. Her plan, make Sinclair fall in love with her to get close to his father. She has meticulously planned out her mission with the help of her adoptive father Harry.

Making Sin fall in love with her wasn't hard. Bleu is beautiful and sassy and not like any of the other women who want to give themselves to Sinclair. Bleu makes Sinclair work for everything. When she finally gives herself to him, she not only gives him sex, she gives him her virginity. All of this makes Sin want to claim Bleu. And hell Sin could absolutely claim me. Scottish mob or not, for someone who thinks he doesn't know how to treat a woman, he does an excellent job.

Sin and Bleu are two people who though seem very different, are actually pretty similar. They both think they'll never fall in love and have that experience, but they fall in love right in front of your eyes as you're reading.

But not everything is all about Bleu and Sin's love affair. She does eventually meet Thane and he is enchanted by her. He sees the similarity between Bleu and her mother, but thinks it can't be real since he suffocated Bleu himself when she was still a child named Stella. Thane's brother Abram is not as sure. He's certain Bleu is there to destroy the Fellowship. The Fellowship never lets outsiders in and clearly Bleu is an outsider. Let's just say Abram is not likely to let that fact rest. And is very suspicious of Bleu and her motives.

I'm trying so hard not to give anything away because A Necessary Sin is an amazing read. There's so much that's going on with Sin's family and Bleu and the Fellowship. You really have to one click to find out what's going on. All is definitely not what it seems in this story.

So what do you do when you fall in love with someone you know is a ruthless killer? Do you tell him why you're really there? Do you carry out your original plan? You know I'm not going to share that information. What I will do it tell you to one click A Necessary Sin.

As a book boyfriend, Sinclair Breckenridge gets a resounding two thumbs up. He's dark haired, dark eyed and his body is amazing. I've never given much thought to Scottish accents, but Sin could talk all day with that brogue. When he calls Bleu bonny Bleu, it is absolutely swoon worthy. It's kind of sexy in an old fashioned way. Anyway back to Sin. His arms have celtic tattoos covering them and he is a total alpha male. And yes friends he is an alpha in the bedroom. So sexy....yummmmm.

Anyway I can not wait for book two in February. Yup it's part of a trilogy and I am dying to find out what happens next.

A five lip smack review for A Necessary Sin. For Sinclair who is a total alpha and just melted me and for Bleu who is a kick ass chick and a female alpha if there ever was one. Is that even possible??


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