Walker stood, pulled me up and brought me close. When he placed his finger on my chin, his eyes landed on my lips and I fought back a moan. He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine. We shared that first kiss slow, yet full of passion. Our tongues danced and we both moaned as Walker pulled me against his body.

When he pulled his lips away, he whispered, "Promise me something." 

I swallowed hard and whispered back, "Anything." 

Walker looked into my eyes and smiled. "Wait for me, Liza."

There are a few authors that I worship and read every single word they put out, Kelly Elliot is one of them. Broken Promises is the latest book in Kelly's Broken Series and I am absolutely over the moon about this book. I was literally up all night reading because I had to find out what happened or I wouldn't have been able to sleep.

Walker Moore and Taylor Elizabeth "Liza" Morris have grown up together. Their parents are best friends and even work together on their horse ranch. Liza and her brother Jase and Walker and his sister Ava are a tight group having grown up together. 

Walker was always there for Liza. When she couldn't sleep, he'd sneak into her room and comfort her. So, not surprisingly, their friendship takes a different turn. They have feelings for each other that are so strong, you won't be surprised when Walker acts on them. It's like they were born to be together. So when they finally kiss one night, it's like no feeling they've ever felt before. You know that lightening bolt, earth spinning off it's axis kind of feeling?

Unfortunately, Liza and Walker go to different colleges and decide they can't do the long distance relationship thing. Let me just tell you, when you read about how passionate they were in flashback scenes, you may need to take a cold shower. Walker is holy hell hot. The naughty things he says to Liza will make your toes curl.

Now, fast forward three and a half years. Walker and Liza are both coming home after graduating from college. Don't get excited....They're both with other people. Liza's boyfriend Keith has given her an engagement ring and wants an answer. Walker has a girlfriend who is pressuring him for a ring. My heart was literally broken because as the reader of course I was in their heads and the love they have for each other was so strong, I couldn't bare to read about each of them with someone else. 

I obviously am not going to give away the storyline because Broken Promises is an amazing book and I wouldn't want to ruin it at all. Let me just say there are twists and turns in the plot line and something that I absolutely did not see coming. This is why Kelly Elliot is like my idol. I started reading the Wanted Series after a good friend (you know Emily) told me about it. After I fell completely in love with Gunner Mathews I haven't been able to stop reading.

Speaking of book boyfriends, OMG...Walker Moore is absolute perfection. Tousled dark hair with dark blue eyes that sometimes look gray, a hot body with a broad chest and some hot ink peeking out of his tight tee shirts and you have one phenomenal book boyfriend. Not to mention the complete hotness of his naughty side. That being said I've found so many book boyfriends this year, I may  have to expand my list from ten to fifteen. One thing I know for sure is that Walker Moore will be making an appearance.

I need to give a shout out to Kelly Elliot for the way she writes and includes family in this book (really all her books). Walker and Liza's parents are ever present and super supportive all the time. They know how their children feel even before their kids do. And huge props for making both sets of parents still so in love after all the time they've been together. I wish I grew up in Texas *sigh*.

Five huge lip smacks for Broken Promises Kelly Elliot, you hit the ball out of the park with this one!! So go one click it now!! I personally know I will go back and read Walker and Liza's story again, while I wait for Ava's book to come out!!


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