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Publication Date: December 1, 2014 

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Nicole Langley’s #1 Crush has always been Gabriel Roberts, but settling for being a friendly acquaintance has had to be enough.

Gabriel has always seen Nicole as his good friend’s very pretty, but extremely off limits baby sister. 

Then a hot summer day and an even hotter discovery pushes them over the lines of friendship, over the lines of unrequited desire, and into each other's arms.

Will they indulge and move on? Or will this crush turn into something more, something deeper? Something that leaves loose ends begging to be tied…

  **#1 Crush is Book One in the Loose Ends series. Each book is a full novel and the series will conclude with Book Three**


The end of the week was approaching and in between bouts of mind-blowing sex Gabriel managed to be surprised by how little things had changed and yet how much differently he viewed her. They still talked like they always had, though now that they had more time together, one topic seemed to flow into the next with no end in sight. He tried once again, with poor results, to teach her one of her favorite songs on his guitar. She sat between his legs, leaning her back into his chest while she held the guitar and his fingers covered hers. It started out well enough, but then she would go still or hit the wrong chord with teeth-chattering results, and he would laugh against her neck while she nuzzled back against him. Obviously caught not paying attention, she’d give him an apologetic laugh and a ‘Whoopsie’ for good measure. And he would find himself kissing her before he knew what he was doing. The music lessons tended to end rather quickly.

He was realizing that although he’d always known she was funny and smart, she also possessed a ridiculous combination of cuteness and sexiness that flowed seamlessly back and forth. One minute he wanted to muss her hair, the next he wanted to lick her pussy until she was spent.

As they relaxed in bed, her sitting Indian style and him reclining on his side, she tossed Cracker Jacks in the air while he caught them with his mouth. It was her favorite snack, one of the things she and Jackie shared in common, and something her older sister was sure to yell about when she got home and found them all gone.

"Okay, okay, now me," she giggled, moving her head from side to side as she tried to anticipate where he would toss it. "I'm gonna get it this time, you watch."

"Oh, sure you will," he teased. He flicked one into the air and laughed when she over-calculated and made it bounce off her eyelid instead.

"I gave that one to you on a silver platter!" He chuckled, and shook his head. "Damn, you really can't catch."

"Whatever dude, you say that every time," she argued with a light smack to his head and laughed when he snorted and rolled his eyes. "Just admit it, your aim is for shit.”

She popped the caramel-covered kernel into her mouth, as she rolled over onto her stomach and shook the box to find the ones covered with the most caramel. He watched the adorable look of pleasure on her face when she found one, and then let his gaze travel down her back and linger where her lime green t-shirt just barely covered her ass. She kicked her legs back and forth, and the sight of those creamy brown thighs flexing and relaxing made him want to slip his fingers in between them and move those buttercream colored boy shorts aside.

"I think you should give me your toy as compensation for being such a poor shot," she challenged, rattling the box and giving him a sly grin.

Gabriel lay on his side, propped up on his elbow so his lean, tanned torso and tattoos were on display, the pointed tips of each design just barely disappearing into the black boxer briefs he was wearing. Her tongue and fingers had gotten to know those tattoos very well over the last few days, tracing them from the sharp points at the ends of his shoulder blades and around his sides to where they curved like tribal funnels to the cut of his hips. In fact she’d become acquainted with every inch of him and the demanding, relentless pace he set when he was exploring every inch of her in return. He had been torturing her for days, playing with their limits and skirting the edges of his own self-control. The more she took, the more he wanted to give her. He was insatiable and now was no exception, not when he caught her distractedly staring at his body.

"I'll give you a toy. Don't you worry 'bout that," he teased, pulling her out of the dirty thoughts that echoed in his words.

Her gaze shot up from the cut of his hips to the penetrating gaze surveying her. He chewed slowly, a small smile spreading across his full lips as she turned away with an embarrassed laugh.

Honestly, how cute was it that after everything they had done for the last few days she could still be so shy when he joked about laying some pipe on her? He was seriously contemplating rolling her over onto her back and spreading her legs for the fourth time that day. He felt like he could fuck her until he was raw, which was why he had used up three of his sick days this week.

"You said we were going to watch a movie, so put your toy away and hit the clicker." She grinned and chucked a piece of popcorn his way.

"Oh, c'mon!" she wailed when he caught the popcorn she had tossed on the tip of his tongue. "That is just fucking ridiculous!"

"What can I say, baby, I got skills." He flicked his tongue in a lewd way that made her giggle.

About the Author

Kaia Bennett

Kaia Bennett is a native of New Jersey, a college graduate and U.S. Army veteran who loves music, movies, astrology, tattoos, martial arts, animals and, of course, the written word. She heard the siren call of the writer as a teenage girl, but took her sweet time answering it until she had lived and loved enough to share her work with the masses.

She is an erotic author who loves to write stories with diversity, depth, realism and viscerally hot encounters that flirt shamelessly with the taboo. A lover of all genres and a voracious reader, she aims to write stories that are transformative for her characters and readers alike.


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