"Now I want my show. And I want you in nothing but that little skirt when you give it to me." ~ Gabriel Roberts

Nicole Langley visits her older sister Jackie in New York City every summer. Nicole loves spending time with her sister and loves the city. This year, Nicole is looking forward to one more thing....Gabriel.

Gabriel Roberts is Jackie's very good friend and roommate. Gabriel has also been told more than once that little sister Nicole is off limits. So Nicole has been stuck in the friend zone with Gabriel. 

This time it's going to be different. 

One day while alone in the apartment Nicole finds herself in Gabriel's room. Not only his room, but his bed. As she's wondering what it would be like to be with Gabriel, Nicole gets a little carried away. And let's just say when Gabriel comes home early and surprises Nicole in his room, he's not angry at her for being in his space (wink, wink).

Nicole, embarrassed by what Gabriel has seen does her best to avoid him. Gabriel has other thoughts in his mind. Throughout flashbacks in the story Gabriel finds himself realizing that he's very attracted to Nicole. They have a lot in common and Nicole is a very beautiful girl.

Gabriel, in his family's eyes is something of a screw up. He doesn't want to use his business degree, he wants to continue playing with his band, trying to get their big break. You get that Gabriel isn't really looking for a relationship, but the way he feels about Nicole leads him straight to her.

So, it's not surprising that Gabriel finds himself standing over Nicole that night watching her sleep. I know you're thinking creepy, stalker, but it's not like that at all. It's very erotic, because the second he touches her, her response is, to call out his name. That's all he needs and what happens next is so incredibly sexy you may find yourself squirming in your seat.

For the rest of Nicole's time in New York her and Gabriel spend most of it in bed. Their intimacy is sexy, erotic and a little naughty. Ok, more than a little naughty. But it's really, really hot. 

Gabriel is one of those guys that all the girls want. He's hot and sexy without even trying. When Nicole describes his towel hanging off his narrow hips with his tribal red and black tattoos peaking out....dayummmm, I needed to cool off for a minute.

If you like dirty talkers, Gabriel is for you. He's got a very naughty mouth and I loved every word that came out of it.

If you're looking for a book that's a quick and unbelievably erotic read, one click #1 Crush. You might need a cold shower (or your partner) after you've read it, but it is a very sexy, naughty  book.

I don't know if Kaia Bennett has anymore plans for Gabriel and Nicole, but you can bet, if she does, I'll be one clicking!!

A four lip smack review for Kaia Bennett and #1 Crush.


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