Reparation by Stylo Fantome

Reparation is the third installment of The Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantome.  Having LOVED Degradation and Separation so much I couldn’t wait to read the final installment in this series.  And once again, Stylo’s story telling blew my mind.  God, I am so in love with this book….

Reparation begins with Satan, Sandy and Ang all having lunch together to talk about Tate.  Although they are concerned with her robotic behavior, they can’t quite place what is wrong with her.  Little do they all know, Tate is putting on a show so she can continue plotting her revenge.  Sanders, of course sees right through her and encourages her to talk to both Angier and Jameson about how she is feeling. For once, she actually listens to him, after all, Sanders always knows best.

What I really enjoyed was seeing how Jameson the devil from Degradation and Jameson the nice guy (as nice as Satan could be) from Separation seemed to have fused here.  He absolutely did not want to admit that he had any feelings for Tate as anything other than a play thing, even though his actions were completely contradictory.  Once again, these characters grow but they don’t completely lose who they started out as.

            “All I wanted was sex. Just a little freaky sex, every now and then. When the fuck did it get so complicated”-  Jameson

 After originally struggling with her plan of revenge, she knew that was something she couldn’t do. I really loved how Tate really seemed to grow up here and get her shit together.  Admitting her hurt and anger towards Ang, Jameson and Ellie, she was able to move on. Even though she was afraid of getting hurt, she decided to take a chance on Jameson again and follow her heart and admit her feelings for him.  She too, became a mixture of the fun loving carefree girl we loved in Degradation and the broken, thoughtful girl from Separation. 

            “Please, don’t hurt me.” –Tate   “I’ll do my best” – Jameson   “That’s all I can ask” -Tate

And just when life was good and everything seemed to be getting back to “normal”…. The shit hits the fan.  And in the blink of an eye, it all was gone.  Harsh words were said, and once again, Tate left. I wanted to slam my kindle up against the wall or cry.  My kindle is intact, and there are tissues by my bed…  I was freaking out that Tate reacted the way she did, but seeing how Jameson fought for her made me glad she ran.  Jameson had to admit to his feelings and Tate needed him to chase and fight for her.

            She would never be rid of him. He branded himself into her soul. Like it or not, he was part of her, and she was part of him.

Once again, Sanders shined in this book. Best secondary character EVER!!!   He is such an interesting character that both Jameson and Tate need in their lives.  Its funny how Tate felt that Sanders looked at Jameson to be like a father figure yet he seems to be the most mature and sensible one between the three of them. I just love how he sees things for what they are, and his loyalty and honesty are quite impressive.

            He has a heart. He has shown it to me many times. You, however, have been purposefully blind to it” -Sanders

The ending of this book had me practically jumping up and down with excitement.  It literally took my breath away and made me give an even bigger piece of my heart to Jameson Kane. They are without a doubt some of the best last few chapters I have ever read! Now, this series is set to be a trilogy, and the ending totally rocked, but I could read about more Jameson and Tate any day. (hint hint)

Stylo Fantome has delivered another amazing 5 lip smacks!!!


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