"In my heart, I never really gave up on you, Mimi; I never totally gave up on us. I fucked up. I've made a complete and utter ass of myself. I've made a disaster of our love, of your heart. Let me tell you something, though. In the wake of every disaster, there is a beautiful aspect to it. There's a rainbow after a relentless downpour, a sun peeking over the horizon after a dust storm. After this disaster is fixed, I know that you and our baby will be my beautiful aspect. ~ Corey Winchester

So you've obviously met Corey Winchester in Bittersweet Revenge when he's busy making ex-girlfriend Jenna's life a living hell. No, I didn't like him either and never thought he'd end up on my Best Book Boyfriend list. But somehow Corey started to turn me a little bit, when he showed a more human side of himself.

By Bittersweet Hate I had to give him a chance. He and Mimi Jones finally took their love-hate relationship to the love zone and damn, Corey shaped up into a good boyfriend. They've been in love since that first kiss. They're the piece that completes each other. Their intimacy is holy hell hot. Then Mimi gets pregnant and Corey bails. Clearly he was once again in my doghouse.

In Bittersweet Trust, Corey Winchester makes it his mission to win Mimi back. He's trying to escape the demons that he carries from his own father's infidelity. He fears he'll be the same man his father was. Why he thought running from the love of his life was a good idea, I'll never understand.

Not ready to be a dad and facing the fear of his own fatherless child hood are the main reasons Corey runs from Mimi. He realizes it was the wrong move as soon as he does it. Missing Mimi terribly and knowing he's missing part of himself, he's got to get his shit together fast.

Mimi is crushed. Corey moves out of their apartment and the two don't speak. Being pregnant and alone is not an easy task. Thank goodness best friend Jenna is there for her. Mimi is nursing her wounded heart when she and Corey end up in a class together. Mimi who is obviously gorgeous and not showing pregnant attracts the attention of Declan another student in the class. Watching Mimi laugh quietly with Declan during class is more than Corey can take. 

We know through the series Corey has something of a temper and Declan is going to be on the end of that temper since he's trying to get with Mimi. Here's the thing, Declan is gorgeous and everything, but Mimi's heart belongs to Corey, even if he is acting like a tool. Watching Declan try to move in on Mimi rips out Corey's heart. And in a very heated moment during class, Declan and Corey come to blows.

Now we have a pregnant and heart broken Mimi, a broken and devastated Corey and well a Declan who pretty much knows he has no chance with Mimi. But that doesn't mean Mimi's going to take Corey back with open arms. 

Will Mimi take back the love of her life? Will Corey be able to win her back? Through five different novellas this pair has always seemed to find their way to each other. But this time will their passion be enough to get them through?

I must say, Corey Winchester becomes a very worthy book boyfriend in Bittersweet Trust. Of course he's got all the physical qualities we desire in a book boyfriend. He's dark haired and dark eyed which I love. He's got a toned body and the boy does know his way around a woman's body. This time around Corey grows up and that makes him even more attractive.

I'm trying so hard not to give any spoilers because you really need to read this book. If you haven't started the Bittersweet series yet, start now!! I love this series and am so psyched J.L. is giving Declan his own story!!

A four lip smack review for Bittersweet Trust and a thank you for continuing the series!!


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