"All you have to do is look in the mirror Lisa, and you'll find her. I think I'm falling for her... this girl I want to take a ride with, this girl I'm trusting my Ferrari with. I want to be with her. I want her to trust me. I want to chase those demons away, and really, most of all, I want to help her discover who she is because I imagine she'll fall in love with that person almost as much as I have." ~ Tristan Blake

Where do I begin? Shame just absolutely blew me away. I went into reading a little uneasy at the prologue, but by the second chapter, I couldn't stop reading. 

I have had the good fortune of meeting Rachel Van Dyken and while gushing to her how much I LOVED  the Eagle Elite Series, she asked me if I'd read Ruin yet. To make a long story short, I bought it, read it and knew when bloggers were invited to have an ARC of Shame, I had to have it!

So, yes, Shame is part of the Ruin Series. It's Lisa's story. You might know her as model Melanie Faye, or you might know her as college student Lisa. Lisa is an absolutely broken character. In her younger days, as a model, Lisa got involved in a very abusive relationship. Taylor, the boyfriend was a complete sociopath. The things he did to Lisa and to other people on a website called Shame were unconscionable. You'll find out in the beginning about Taylor's ultimate betrayal. How he tried to break Lisa and how through the help of her friends she fought to become whole again.

You'll learn about Taylor's treatment of Lisa through excerpts from his sick and twisted journal. He sends two of these journals to two very different people. Each of them trying to keep some sort of hold over Lisa.

Tristan Blake is one of the unlucky winners in the journal lottery. This man has more secrets than I can even share with you. He's not who he really says he is. Or is he? Anyway, he shows up at Lisa's university as a professor. Specifically, her professor. Tristan is there on a mission. He knows who Lisa is and he blames her for Taylor's madness. Tristan's sole mission is to destroy Lisa, the way she destroyed his half brother. Gain her trust and ruin her.

What he doesn't plan on doing is, well, being incredibly drawn to her. Tristan thought he knew the kind of girl Lisa was, but he couldn't have been more wrong and he's totally conflicted about his feelings toward her. As Professor Blake, Tristan is downright nasty to Lisa during class. Calling her out on every little thing. He's horrible to her, but attracted to her and that is clearly a problem for him.

Lisa has two amazing friends that always look out for her. Gabe and Wes. Yes, you've met them in other books from the Ruin Series. She's lucky to have them. They watch out for her and take care of her and seeing as there's someone stalking her, it's a good thing she's got them on her side.

A definite turning point for Lisa and Tristan in Shame is the night they both attend a masquerade charity ball. While in their masks they share a very heated kiss, clearly each not knowing who the other is. When the masks come off the horror they both feel is overwhelming. But, something during this event changes Tristan's mind about Lisa. And even though he knows he shouldn't he lets himself get close to her.

Here's the thing about Rachel Van Dyken. She has literally made me fall completely in love with men that exist only on the pages of a book. Her writing brings her characters completely to life and I can completely immerse myself in her stories. From his coppery color hair flopping on his forehead, to the flecks of color in his eyes, she brings Tristan completely to life in my minds eye.

Anyway, back to the story. The stalking of Lisa gets worse though out the story. With the stalker finding her no matter what she does. Even with extra security, the stalker gets into her dorm room. All the while Gabe, Wes and even Tristan make it their business to keep her safe.

But mistakes happen and people find out things they shouldn't and bam! Lisa's right in the middle of danger that you totally won't see coming. Not once, but twice.

I'm trying so hard not to give too much away because Shame is an amazing book that of course I want you to read. If you haven't started the series, I'm also going to tell you it's  one of those must read series. 

I'm giving Shame  a five lip smack review. It has everything a fabulous book should have. Amazing characters, excellent plot and crazy plot twists that keep you going until the very end!!


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