"Shh...Lil's. Let me do this right." He cleared his throat nervously. "Baby...this is where I told you for the first time that I loved you. I loved you fro a very long time before that and every moment since. I love you more that I care for myself, my life, and I would gladly give them both if I had to, to make you happy and keep you safe." ~ Jay

I know I say this often, but I really have to tell you to read Tara Oakes' A Lil Less Broken, before you jump into A Lil Less Lost. First because if you like MC books it's a good one and second, well you probably need the background information to keep all the history straight in your head. So go one click them. I'll wait......Done? Good.

Both stories revolve around the members of the Kingsmen MC. Jay and Lil's have grown up in that life, fell in love in that life and then one of them ran from that life. Book one is all about Lil's coming back to town. I need to mention, the only reason she came back was for a friend's bachelorette party. Her plan, slip into town and then slip right back out. Unfortunately, she breaks the nose of the ol' lady of a rival motorcycle President. This President, Shade (and he is shady), holds onto Lil's until her motorcycle family come and rescue her.  

Lil's been gone for three years. She's run off because of a huge misunderstanding with Jay. So even though Lil's literally broken his heart and shattered him, Jay is willing to pick up where they left off. Jay and Lil's spend most of A Lil Less Broken getting back together and having some seriously hot sex. I mean it, Jay is totally amazing in that department. Not only is he great under the covers, but he's fantastic in the looks department. Woman want him and he only wants Lil's.  I'll mention here, I was in love with Jay by like page five of the first book. Yup, he's just that good.

 A Lil Less Lost picks up after Lil's has been kidnapped again by the same MC that had her in the beginning of book one. Only this time Shade's got another agenda. He wants lots of the Kingsmen's businesses and territory to let Lil go. He also has more of a reason not to let her go this time, which seems to be his plan. Everyone in the Kingsmen is involved in the plan to get Lil. Only it's really two plans because Jay knows he's not giving Lil up that easily. 

Throw into this kidnapping and rescue situation another Kingsmen named Clink and a random girl (who I have a feeling isn't that random) named Charlie who's got some sort of plan and knows an awful lot about the Kingsmen. She has a lot of conversations in her head, but you're never really sure why she's there. She is extremely attracted to Clink only they both have these really controlling personalities, and like I said before Charlie is definitely hiding something. 

For me, Jay made these two books. He's a huge presence in both books and his love and devotion to Lil's made me melt a little bit. 

With that being said I'm giving a combined four lip smack review for both books in this series. A Lil Less Broken and A Lil Less Lost. If you're into books about the MC life, you'll definitely get into this series. I'm anxiously waiting for book 3 (hint, hint) so I can figure out what Charlie's up to and make sure all's good with Jay and Lil's!

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