"You are the love I never saw coming until you'd already stolen my heart. you are who I want to go to bed next to every night and wake up next to every morning. I want to spend every day for the rest of my life making you smile. I want our children to have your laugh and I want to love you until the day I die." ~ Jamison Henley

If that quote made your tummy do a little flip, you're in good company. Mine felt like it was filled with butterflies through most of the book Choosing Henley

It's not often you come across a book where the girl absolutely has no desire to fall in love. But then most girls haven't lived through the kind of pain Lennon Montgomery has lived through. At age thirteen, the man who was supposed to love her no matter what, left her. Needless to say she's been damaged ever since. To protect herself she doesn't let anyone in. Even Jami Henley who's been her friend for ages.

Of course that was before Lennon and Jami spent one very hot, passionate, steamy night together. Guess what? Jami the player wants more. It's Lennon who throws cold water on any idea of them being together. She doesn't want to ruin their friendship, but she kind of does since after their night together, things are different between them. 

You can see from the first page Jami is clearly into Lennon. Even though he brings his skanky, silicone filled, bleached blonde, a monthly dinner their group of friends has, the way he wraps his arms around Lennon, whispers in her ear with that sexy voice, you know Barbie is just a means to an end (and oh what an end...wink...wink).

Anyway, Jami wants Lennon and Lennon is scared to death to let him in. But she wants to. Sweet Jesus does she want to. Truthfully, I wouldn't have been able to resist Jami after his little speech on New Year's Eve, but then that wouldn't make for a good story now would it?

So Jami brilliantly steals his way into Lennon's heart. It takes time, but he begins to break down her walls. He's sweet and patient and he gives Lennon the space and time she needs. Then there are those other needs that Lennon has. If she thought their first time together was amazing, the times after that are absolutely mind blowing. Jami Henley knows his way around a woman's body and damn...just damn.

Finally, all of Jami's pursuing of Lennon pays off. She lets him in. Admits to herself she's falling for him. Even though she can't say it out let yet, she knows it. They're a couple, an official couple. They even decide to cook dinner together at Jami's house to introduce Lennon to his parents. As Lennon shows up with the groceries, she finds Jami in a very compromising position with one very naked, badly tanned, bleached blonde Barbie.

Was it all a lie? Was Jami just playing a game with Lennon? I can't tell you. But I will tell you, Lennon is a force to be reckoned with and blondie doesn't know what hit her. 

Add to all of this a plot twist that I totally didn't see coming and you get a book that had me  swooning for a new book boyfriend and cheering for the object of his affection to give him a chance.

I have to say, Jami Henley is in contention to be on Riley's Best Book Boyfriends of 2014. He's gorgeous, his body is flawless and when he decides he wants something...well, the man doesn't give up. He is just enough bad boy mixed in with a whole lot of sexy goodness. 

I'm giving Choosing Henley a five lip smack review. I literally swooned over Jami for almost the whole book. Sometimes it's good to wish for the fairy tale.


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