"Let me own you, let me be the reason you eat, breathe, and sleep. Let me love you, and you'll never have a worry in the world. Give yourself to me, and I'll forever be yours. ~ Corey Winchester

I know right? I couldn't believe those words came from Corey Winchester either. If you've read Bittersweet Revenge and Bittersweet Love you know Corey is actually, well a douche to put it mildly. He spent two years making Jenna Hanes life complete misery. All for something she had nothing to do with. But anyway, Jenna and Corey's cousin Rex have their happily ever after. So now it's Jenna's best friend Mimi Jones and Corey that have a bittersweet hate relationship.

If you remember from the first two novella's Mimi has feelings for Corey. Even though he tortured Jenna for two years, she's drawn to him. And Corey, well, Corey is a sexually charged male and you can tell he wants Mimi. What you didn't know is the depth of his feelings for her. If that first quote made you swoon, some of the other things he says to Mimi will bring you to absolute tears. Who would've thought such a whorey guy could have such feelings?

After a night of incredibly hot passion, Mimi and Corey embark on a, shall I say the word? Relationship. Corey is ready to go full on into this thing. He is head over heels for Mimi. He's ready to claim her for his own from that first night. He even gets rid of his go to girl for sex, Chelsea. If you know anything about Corey, you know this is huge.

The sexual relationship Corey and Mimi share is blazing hot. If you noticed anything from the first two novellas, you know these two are both sex on a stick. Everything about them is squirm in your chair, change your panties intensity. Yes, that steamy. Lord knows, I would've never thought Corey was book boyfriend material, but this book had me salivating for him.

For someone as damaged as Corey, you would think he would be the one afraid to let go and fall in love. But when he and Mimi finally go there you quickly learn Mimi is the one afraid to let go and fall. What happens if she gives him everything and he breaks her? Is Mimi really willing to take that chance? Given his history, is Corey really a changed man? Can he give Mimi the forever he promises he'll give her?

To find out one click Bittersweet Hate and read away. Mimi and Corey's story is one that had to be told and is definitely not finished yet. They're passionate, they're sweet, they're angry and most of all they're perfect together. They just kind of don't know it yet.

So be ready for a plot twist that I didn't see coming and a cliffhanger that will have you begging for J.L. Beck's next Bittersweet installment. As I read Bittersweet Hate, I thought to myself....Ryder really needs his own story. And guess what? Bittersweet Symphony (shameless plug) is on the way to do just that. 

I find myself saying this time and again, but this is a must read series. The books are just so raw and truthful and definitely sexy that you will read them in one sitting. I know I did.

Bittersweet Hate absolutely gets a five lip smack review from me. Corey becomes a true book boyfriend (mostly). Redeeming himself from many of the crappy things he's done in the past and still showing he's human. Mimi is strong and feisty, yet shows a vulnerability she hasn't shown before. Start at the beginning, read them all and get ready for Ryder's story!


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