"What am I supposed to feel right now? I want to shake her so hard that she'll wake up so I can scream and fucking yell at her for everything she's done. I want to thank God that she's alright and tell her she's gonna be ok. I want to go back in time to the day she stepped into the yard, looking for her car, and I want to tell her to go fuck herself and take off. But what's sick is, I want to go back to the moment I told her I loved her and stay there forever." Brian "Clink" Abbott

So obviously since we first met Charlie Griffith, the feisty nurse that infiltrates the Kingsmen MC we've found ourselves asking, "Who's Charlie?" And in Bitter Sweet Deception, we find out her whole story and yikes, it's big. So if you've been keeping up with the story of the Kingsmen MC, you're going to have to read Bitter Sweet Deception  

Bitter Sweet Deception is essentially Charlie and Clink's story. But of course our beloved couple Lil's and Jay also play a big part. Pretty much through the whole book, you're trying to figure out whether Jay and Lil's baby (remember she's pregnant) is a boy baby or a girl baby.

When we first met Charlie, it was a pretty intense time in the MC. There was a lot going on. At first Charlie seemed just like a cool chick. Clink liked her, Lil's liked her and then you found out she had a secret. BTW you are going to freak when you find out the secret. And if you guess before hand let me know because I was shocked!

Which brings me to Clink. Now I have to admit, I wasn't all gah, gah over Clink in the previous books and I know it's shallow, but it's because his name was Clink. His non MC name is Brian Abbott and the boy does clean up well. Even though I love his whole MC look, I have to say, I was digging cleaned up Brian as well. Anyway, Charlie and Clink started to have a thing for each other when she first showed up in Chisholm. Their attraction just deepens and they wind up in a full on love affair. Just read and enjoy because there's a lot of steamy lovin' going on.

There is something about Clink that made me just fall absolutely in love with him. He is just delicious in bed. He's a dirty talker which I love and amazing looking to boot. Now, I fell in love with Clink and as hard as she tried not to, Charlie fell in love with him too, even though it was never a part of her plan. Add into that mix Clink falling hard for Charlie even though it was something he vowed to never let happen to him again. 

Surprise! Clink had an old lady and together they had a baby. His wife took the baby away and wouldn't let Clink see him. The reason for his heartbreak and vow never to give his heart away again. Charlie is the woman who broke down his walls and got him to love again. When he told Charlie he loved her, my insides melted. 

So Clink's secret is out. He's got a son. Charlie, has more skeletons in her closet and she knows she has to let them out. She also knows when she does it. It's going to create a huge mess. Her secrets are bigger and will affect more people. 

I have to say, I love the scene when Charlie goes to have lunch with her mom and sister. This is something she tried to hide from Clink. Somehow, he finds out and meets the ladies for lunch. Charlie is mortified but mom and sister who are clearly anti biker find Brian Abbott to be charming and become quite enamored with him. That's the thing about Clink. He's all about the MC but he's got a few tricks up his sleeve.

Now here's the part where I get you to go and one click this book. Of course I left out a bunch of stuff so you have to read it. You're not going to see Charlie's secret coming. It was something I would have never expected. Bitter Sweet Deception ends in a huge cliff hanger and I CAN NOT wait to see what's next for Charlie and Clink. Oh, and you get to find out if Jay and Lil's baby is a boy or a girl! Happy reading!

I'm giving Bitter Sweet Deception a solid four lip smack review. It's a really good story and I was involved from the start to the very end. It doesn't hurt that Clink is completely swoon worthy either.


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