I should stop her. I really, really should. But she's warm and soft and she smells so good I can't fucking think straight. Her mouth moves eagerly over mine, and I kiss her back hungrily, wrapping my arms around her and stroking her lower back as our lips mold together. She tastes like pina coladas and she makes the sexiest sounds I've ever heard as she she takes deep pulls on my tongue like she can't get enough. "Hannah," I mumble against her eager lips. "We can't." ~ Garrett Graham

I started The Deal by Elle Kennedy thinking Garrett Graham was definitely not going to be my kind of book boyfriend. I was so wrong. Garrett turned into a book boyfriend I can't get out of my brain.

Let's start with the fact that he's just got uber sex appeal. He's a hockey player, so he's totally built. He works out so it's all rippling muscle (begin panting now). Short dark hair and a face that turns heads wherever he goes. He is determined to become a pro hockey player just like his dad. Well, he wants to be better than his dad. His dad is a complete tool and you'll probably dislike him as much as I do, especially after the stunt he pulls.

So, here's Garrett in a nutshell...very easy on the eyes, dedicated hockey player who doesn't want to be locked into a relationship, hooks up with loads of girls (puck bunnies if you will) and finally as bright as he is, he's failing Philosophical Ethics.

The Philosophical Ethics is where Hannah Wells comes in. Hannah is brilliant, she aced her midterm. She's a music major with a beautiful voice. She has a huge crush on Justin Kohl, a football star who doesn't even know she exists. Even though he is a jock and a BMOC Hannah believes Justin is "deep".  Hannah is also the survivor of a sexual assault that basically ruined her and her family's lives. Now in college, away from the town that ruined her, she is very cautious in everything she does.

So here's the deal (get it? play on the title?), Garrett needs to pass his midterm makeup and since Hannah is like the only person that passed the midterm he tries to get her to tutor him. One thing I forgot to mention. Hannah thinks Garrett is a typical arrogant jock who has sex with basically anything that has girly parts. Now here's the thing, don't get me wrong, Garrett has his share of partners, but he makes no promises and you know what you're getting into with him is just sex. Back to the deal. Garrett being quite the smarty pants realizes Hannah has a thing for Justin. After Hannah turns him down for tutoring several times Garrett sweetens the deal. He offers to "date" Hannah explaining since he's a popular guy if Hannah is seen with him Justin might just notice her.

Of course at first Hannah refuses. Then finally Garrett wears her down and she agrees to his proposition. Their study sessions begin and they're completely amusing. Hannah didn't really Garrett was so clever and Garrett never noticed how cute Hannah is. Of course the two kind of catch feelings for each other, but they'll never admit it.

One study session before their "date", Garrett suggests they practice kissing. At first Hannah wants nothing to do with that. And as usual Garrett convinces Hannah to give it a try. The kiss is like "bam"! They are both blown away by it even though neither one will admit it. Garrett has woken up feelings in Hannah she hasn't ever felt with a boy and Garrett has started rethinking his whole no relationship idea.

The two become close and enjoy spending time together. They share things about themselves that very few if any people know about. Hannah gets so comfortable with Garrett she pretty much asks him to be a friend with benefits. After her rape, she feels "broken" and she thinks Garrett can help put her back together again. And I have to share, when Garrett calls Hannah "Wellsy" it's the most adorable thing ever.

Of course Garrett agrees (duh he's a guy). Only here's what happens...they fall for each other. Let me tell you, Garrett in bed is amaze balls. He's incredibly sexy and knows how to treat a girl in the bedroom. All the worries Hannah has about sex, vanish after she's with Garrett.

Then there's the bump as my friend Emily calls it. I hate the bump. It gives me such anxiety and sometimes I swear I read the last page just to find out what happens. The bump in this case has something to do with Garrett's jack ass of a father.

I can't tell you what happens, because of course I want you to one click The Deal. I started out being not sure about Garrett, but he is an amazing character. Hannah who was so broken is an incredibly strong girl. The story has so much to it, you really need to read it. Of course a five lip smack review for The Deal and another hot book boyfriend in Garrett Graham.


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