"I stopped fighting feeling wrong about us and it happened. Maybe that's why it feels so easy, because it's right. We're not two strangers who met at a bar. I know your family,  friends, and I would've kept being part of you life even if Aaron hadn't died." He pauses and scratches his jaw. "I never looked at you the way I do now and I can't honestly say when it happened for me. I can pinpoint when I decided it was okay though. In the hospital, after we were flirting. I decided I was allowed to feel for you. I think you were meant to be mine." Liam Dempsey

First, I am absolutely in love with this book! I am also completely in love with Liam Dempsey. I know it's too early to think about my Best Book Boyfriends of 2015 list, but I swear Liam Dempsey is already on the short list. He is complete perfection. Not only is he sex on a stick, but he is loving and loyal and sweet baby Jesus I want him.

Ok...let's get back to Consolation. Natalie Gilcher has the perfect life. She's married to Aaron, her high school sweet heart and they are about to have a baby. Aaron was a Navy SEAL and is now off active duty. Right now he's working for Cole Security Forces and was away on an assignment for them. The afternoon she's putting together her soon to be daughter's room should be like any other. Natalie is feeling excited when she hears a knock at the door. When she opens the door, her whole world comes crashing down. Her husband's friend and boss Mark Dixon is at the door and he's in tears. The second he says "I'm sorry Natalie." She loses it. This wasn't supposed to happen. She and Aaron are having a baby. A baby they worked very hard to to conceive.  So at 27 Natalie is a widow with a baby on the way.

For the first few months Natalie is "fine". Of course that's what she tells everyone. She misses Aaron desperately. She can't stand the thought of getting rid of his things. The only thing she really survives for is her baby Aarabelle. Her family is not around to help and Aaron's mom is kind of blaming Natalie for Aaron's death. Saying she should have put her foot down and not let Aaron go. Thank goodness she has Reanell.  Reanell is Mark's wife and she is hilarious. She adds some comic relief throughout the story. It's difficult for Natalie to be around Aaron's friends because it hurts so much. They remind her too much of what she's had.

The memorial service for Aaron is heart wrenching. The young widow and her infant daughter surrounded by Navy SEAls. Natalie tries to be so strong, when she just wants to curl up and die herself. The only thing that keeps her going is Aarabelle.

Enter Liam Dempsey, if Natalie thought being around Mark and Jackson was difficult, being around Liam is pure torture. Liam was Aaron's best friend and best man at their wedding. When he shows up at the door, there's something different about him. Something Natalie never noticed before. Something she knows will ultimately be her demise.

Liam is the one to finally get Natalie to live again. He won't take her "I'm fine" line and he always knows when she's not being truthful. Liam is there whenever Natalie needs him and he is amazing with baby Aara.

Then Liam starts having feelings he knows he shouldn't have. Natalie also struggles with her attraction to Liam and the guilt she feels moving on with her life. Of course Liam decides to do the guy thing and find a random girl to fuck Natalie out of his system. But, that's not quite what happens and Liam winds up at the hospital with Natalie and a very sick baby Aara. This is the part that made Liam perfect for me. He left a sure thing to go to Natalie. Bonus points for my sexy Navy SEAL.

They eventually give into their feelings and decide to take their relationship as slowly as Natalie feels comfortable with. The two have some very hot make out sessions and Liam is an exceptional kisser I must say. When they expose their relationship to their friends. The only concern is for Liam to do right by Natalie. And damn everything about Liam is right.

It's about this time you start to see that maybe Aaron and Natalie's relationship wasn't quite as perfect as Natalie envisioned. There is a plot twist that completely blind sided me. I'm pretty sure I sat with my mouth hanging open for a good ten minutes.

It's after this night Natalie tries to seduce Liam and being as perfect as he is tells her it will happen, but tonight's not the night. Liam needs to make sure Natalie really wants him and he's not just the consolation prize. Liam, you could never be a consolation prize. You are too damn perfect.

When Liam and Natalie finally take that step it's crazy hot. Natalie was only ever with Aaron and let me tell you Liam is very creative in bed. The two can't get enough of each other. Hell I couldn't get enough of Liam.

So now Natalie is in a relationship again with yet another Navy SEAL and she has all the fears again that go with that. She's already dreading the mission that Liam is set to go on. He tells her he'll do everything in his power to come back to her.

Will Liam come back to Natalie and Aarabelle? Will another man Natalie loves suffer the same fate as Aaron? You HAVE to read Consolation. You are deff going to be blown away by this story. I CANNOT wait for the second part to be released. Hurry Corinne Michaels! Please!

A five lip smack review for Consolation. I'll say it again. Liam Dempsey is no consolation prize. Oh, and if anyone knows the cover model for Liam, please give him my email. I am totally in love with him.


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