"Things will get hard, but you won't run. And if you do I'll always find you." His lips grazed her brow as he kissed first one eye and then the other, tasting the saltiness of tears from her lashes. "I will never get bored of you. I have been thrilled by even the thought of you for a decade. What people think of us is non of our business. What people will see is a couple who belong together right down to their very marrow." ~ Logan Castle

If you didn't melt a little after reading that beginning quote, it's quite possible you're made of ice. 

Logan Castle is immediately attracted to Sophie Ellis. Who wouldn't be? She's an absolutely beautiful girl. Sophie Ellis is immediately attracted to the dark, brooding Logan. They meet on the day of Sophie's mom's wedding. They even share a brief flirtation during the reception since they are seat at the same table. Imagine their shock when our would be couple find out they are step brother and sister!

After the flirting and sexual tension Logan feels the whole taboo thing of falling for his two years younger step sister, he pretends his best friend Jan is his girlfriend when Sophie over hears their phone conversation. As much as Sophie doesn't want to, she can't help the feelings that overcome her around Logan. 

The two do their best to deny their feelings for each other. They sort of fall into routine of knowing they desire each other but trying super hard to ignore their feelings. Sophie starts to date Taylor and Logan starts to hook up with random girls. This seems to be working for them until the night of Sophie's seventeenth birthday. After a disastrous try at going to a movie together, (sexual tension so thick it's ridiculous) the two try to go out for pizza. The thing is around Logan, Sophie becomes a klutz. She splatters a ketchup packet and runs from the pizza place. Long story short of course Logan goes after her. The two wind up sharing a very steamy long overdue kiss and Sophie freaks out. 

I think Logan was open to having a relationship with Sophie from the get go. Sophie had a lot of anxiety about what others, especially their respective parents would think. Here's the thing about their parents. Sophie's mom is lovely. They have a loving relationship. Logan and his dad on the other hand are practically strangers to each other. Logan's dad never married his mom and the two have never really had a relationship to speak of. The only reason Logan goes to live with his dad and new family is because dad's paying for Logan to go to college.

You get the feeling from the start, Logan's dad doesn't really like him very much. He constantly belittles Logan and throws out insinuations that he knows Logan's feelings for Sophie are less than honorable. So he makes it extremely clear Logan is to not even think of Sophie in anything other than a brotherly way. This proves to be difficult because anyone with eyes can see these two are wildly attracted to each other.

Sophie's birthday seems to be a time everyone comes together and I have to admit Logan tends to be very bold in his actions toward Sophie. Logan's brain firmly believes in the fact that they're step siblings. He knows the way he feels about Sophie and he doesn't care about what anyone else thinks. On this particular birthday, Sophie's eighteenth, the two are hit with a tragedy that rocks their world. 

The story unfolds over ten years. Their relationship changes throughout. There's even a time when Logan is so broken the two are like strangers and only come together again through a work opportunity. Logan is different, almost cruel and so unlike him. He hurts Sophie during this time and you wonder if their relationship can be salvaged. Of course I'm not giving that away. I will give you some point, Logan and Sophie do get naked and let's just say that pent up sexual tension explodes and yes Logan is book boyfriend fantasy worthy.

I was completely #teamlogan through the whole story. Even when he was being a jerk to Sophie, I got why. I didn't like it, but I got it.

I know there are a lot of step sibling stories coming out these days, but I must say Stepbrother Mine is one of the best. The quote from Logan up top is just a tiny portion of some of the swoon worthy things Logan says. The boy is the entire package. You'll be cheering for Logan and Sophie, but secretly wishing Logan could be yours. 

A five lip smack review for Stepbrother Mine and a new book boyfriend in Logan Castle.


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