"I don't understand why you think it's your responsibility to make sure I get to my fight. I've been working on this my whole life, and I'll keep on working on it. But there are some things that aren't worth it. The thought of Chris trying to force himself on you..." I shook my head and felt the rage course through my veins. "There are no words for how angry that made me. I couldn't punch him enough. I wanted to kill him. I almost did. ~ Ian LeClaire

I know violence is never the answer, but Chris so deserved an even worse beat down than Ian LeClaire gave him. So that being said, I am totally in love with Ian LeClaire and have not been able to get him out of my brain. Light brown hair, chrystal blue eyes (given that I'm partial to green eyes, this is huge for me) and then there's his body. Ian is an MMA fighter so his body is godlike. Also, I adore the name Ian so check another plus in the swoon worthy book boyfriend column.

If this alone doesn't make you want to one click Reckless Love asap add to the mix, a feisty heroine,  and a very sexy story about two people who are so right for each other you're yelling in your head "Get together now!" The bad thing is Ian and Mackenzie (that's the girl) keep denying themselves the relationship that they both want very much.

You've met these characters before in case you forgot. Kenzie is Alexa's best friend and Ian and Cade are good friends. You remember Hard to Love? Cade the porn star? Alexa the nurse that tends to Cade's um, problem and then falls in love with said porn star?

So apparently, one night while our foursome were out at a club, sparks flew between Mackenzie and Ian .  When a grossly drunk guy puts his hands on Kenzie alpha male Ian is out on the dance floor to save her. Then the sexual tension was amped up like a million notches. Unfortunately, what should have been a night of crazy passion ended up to be a hot and heavy make out session with Ian dropping a very unsatisfied Kenzie at her apartment.

Here's stuff you need to know about Kenzie. She's spent her whole life in the foster care system, so she doesn't trust a whole lot of people and also doesn't think she's worthy of being loved. The truth is Kenzie is an amazing girl. She's gorgeous, she's kind and compassionate and she always puts other people's feelings before her own.

Fast forward six months when Ian and Kenzie are still both thinking about what could have been. Ian just feels he's worked so hard to become a professional fighter he can't have anything get in the way of that. Kenzie, well Ian's rejection has basically solidified her feeling no one will ever love her.

Of course you'll be rooting for Kenzie and Ian to get together. When Ian practically pushes her into dating Chris, the gym owner, you're going to be like what? You get it from the start that Chris is more into Kenzie than she is into him, but she keeps trying to make it work because Ian doesn't want her (she thinks).

At some point Ian gets badly hurt during his fight before he goes pro. Kenzie being a nurse and the club medic, offers to help Ian with rehab. And damn some of the sexiest things on the planet go on between these two in Ian's home gym. Interestingly enough, Ian is loaded. His private gym is about the size of Kenzie's whole apartment. I will tell you, I would be ecstatic to be pinned down to a mat with Ian between my legs.

Anyway, there are a couple of bumps in the road for Ian and Kenzie. Eventually Ian realizes, Kenzie isn't someone who would get in the way of his dream and wants to act on the feelings he's had for the better part of a year. Remember, Kenzie is still with Chris so here are the big questions:

Will Kenzie leave Chris when Ian decides he doesn't want to fight his feelings anymore? Will Ian's injury keep him from realizing his dream of being a professional fighter? Please by all means one click Reckless Love and read it for yourself.

I do love me some alpha males and Ian LeClaire is a big bad alpha. But he is also sweet and kind and fantastic on the mats in the gym (wink, wink). I'm giving Reckless Love a five lip smack review. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed there may be another book inside Kendall Ryan's head about Ian's little sister. I have a feeling that would make a great story!


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