Of course I planned to post my Best Book Boyfriends of 2014 much earlier in January. But as usual, my time management skills aren't exactly the best. So anyway it's here now. 

Last year, My Best Book Boyfriends of 2013 was like the first big thing I did on this blog. So it's kind of my blogaversary which it really cool. I love working on my blog so much more than my real job. Who knows, maybe writing is what I was really meant to do in life....

Anyway, I absolutely have a type when it comes to book boyfriends. I love green eyed, dark haired, tatted up alphas. But sometimes I do find myself insanely attracted to other types.

This year some of my favorite authors make more than one appearance on this list. Abbi Glines, Chelle Bliss and Kelly Elliot all have more than one boyfriend this year. 

So here goes...My best book boyfriends...2014 style.

15. Rush Finlay

I know, I know Rush made my last years list, but let's face it. Rush will always be an unbelievably hot, sexy book boyfriend. Rush was the ultimate bad boy until Blaire came and turned his world upside down. Abbi was fabulous enough to release Rush Too Far, which of course it Rush's POV of his and Blaire's story. He's still beautiful and naughty, but what makes him even hotter is his love for Blaire. The ultimate DILF as far as I'm concerned. I'm literally swooning as I think back to all the books in this series. Yes Rush, you will always be a book boyfriend to me.

14. Elec O'Rourke

Sweet baby could I not fall in love with Elec? Tattooed, pierced, a body made to be worship, what's not to love? Well ok, his personality in the beginning of Stepbrother Dearest was definitely sucky, but that was only a temporary thing. All I wanted to do was lick those shamrock tattoos on his hips and suck on (yes I said it) that lip ring. He tried to be so good but his feelings for Greta were too strong. The night they shared together was completely beautiful and when he left I was as broken as Greta. I can't imagine ever getting over Elec. There was so much more to him than the bad boy he started out as and I'm so glad Penelope Ward let Elec's perfectness come out.

13. Quinn Berkeley

There's always a way I can be sure I'm totally in love with a book boyfriend. If days after I finish the book he's still in my mind, it's a pretty good bet I've found someone else "perfect". Quinn Berkeley from Monica James' Something Like Normal is an excellent example. I couldn't get him out of my brain. Dark perfectly messy hair, sparkling green eyes and that lip ring, all made him an exceptional book boyfriend. Then of course there's the way he treats Paige. He's never felt this way about a girl before and even though he kind of screws up at first, in the end he proves he's swoon worthy. When he told Paige, "You were mine from the first time I saw you," my insides turned to mush. He keeps getting better in Something Like Redemption

12. Luke Evans

I don't care what anyone says, physical appearance is what first attracts us to someone. In J. Daniels All I Want, Luke Evans is beyond physical perfection. His body is amazingly fit and his tattoos just add to that hotness. He has dark hair and amber colored eyes. Luke has such strong feelings for Tessa, but he screws up a lot. The thing is, is he's so perfect I forgave him his indiscretions. I think part of what made me love Luke is the way he kissed Tessa. She says it, he steals every memory of any other kiss out of your head. Luke is amazing in bed and I did go to sleep dreaming about him after I finished this book. When I come back to a character and I can remember them vividly after a long time, it's a good bet to say they have me hooked. So yes, I swooned and thought about what a lucky girl Tessa was. So, "ask me"

11. Krit Corbin

I told you, Abbi Glines will probably always make more than one appearance in my best book boyfriends of posts. Krit Corbin was never one of my favorites when I ran into him in Abbi's other Sea 
Breeze books. But, then he got his own book and in Bad For You, I definitely got it bad for him. Krit is a bad boy and yes I do love me a good bad boy. I also love pet names. So when Krit calls Blythe Love throughout the book he had me. He is just an incredibly sexy and sexual being. There were some scenes where I was literally panting. Krit didn't always do the right thing and he made so really bad mistakes. But he loved Blythe with everything that he had and that's when I was in love with him. Krit and Blythe were two damaged characters who thought they didn't deserve love and then they found each other. Hot and sweet, Krit Corbin wound up to be the total package.

10. Gibson Barclay

Yes I think it could be said I also have a thing for rockers. Well I think I just have a thing for hot boys in general and Gibson Barclay is one of them. K.L. Shandwick gave me Gibson's Legacy and told me I think you're going to like him. Like him? him? Yes! He is beautiful and yes I do appreciate physical beauty. Stunning features and a sexy as hell body with soft, tanned lickable skin, do I need to say more? I could mention that southern drawl and how it made my tummy flip every time he called Chloe darlin'. Pet names, I told you they get me every time. Gibson and Chloe's chemistry heated up even before they really even knew each other. Gibson even tells Chloe their chemistry wasn't just smokin', it was like a forest fire. Gibson's determination to finally get the girl he felt so connected to all those years ago made him even more appealing. Gibson really does have that whole sex on a stick thing going for him and he works it. Another thing I love about him is he doesn't make any apologies for his sluttiness back in the day. It happened and now he's moving on. I can't wait to see what happens next Gibson!!

9. Ryder Winchester

I know, I know. Another bad boy Riley? I can't help myself. And to be perfectly honest, Ryder Winchester from Bittersweet Symphony is the bad boy every girl wants to tame. He is built and beautiful. He's got that dark messy hair I love and you know it, piercing green eyes. The boy can also rock a pair of jeans like nobody's business. He's got a bit of a temper and he kind of tried to steal his twin brother's girlfriend on more than one occasion. But there's just something so damn hot about him, I was able to forgive him. Even though he's slept his  way through most of the women at U.C. Berkeley, you still believe you can be the one to tame him. Guess what? The lovely Kennedy Chaps does tame him. She is so not the type of girl you'd picture locking down our boy, so that made it even better. Even though Ryder is actually afraid of the heartache that can come with love, his feelings for Kennedy are strong enough for him to try. I do love a good kisser and Ryder can seriously sweep you off your feet with one kiss. Not to mention all that bad boy energy in the bedroom. Yes, Ryder Winchester a spot well deserved.

8. James Caldo

No, Chelle Bliss, I wouldn't be able to resist James Caldo. How could I resist the man who's last name literally means hot? I don't know how Izzy could even think she could resist him for a second. With his olive skin, dark hair, green eyes and sick body, I was panting the whole way through Resist Me. I love me an alpha male and James (or Jimmy as Izzy calls him) is a definite cave man. I love his controlling ways and that naughty mouth of his. I love his bossiness and that motorcycle drives his hotness factor even higher. James knows he and Izzy are good together. Only Izzy is being difficult. James knows he's wrecked her for anyone else and it's only a matter of time until he will make her his. 

7. Grant Carter

When I first started the Rosemary Beach series, I wanted Grant to be the one to win Blaire. Unfortunately for Grant, it wasn't meant to be. So Grant kind of whored around for a lot of the time. Then he got in the weird thing with Nan and Lord knows he was too good for that witch. Enter Harlow Manning. Beautiful, sheltered Harlow sends our boy into a tailspin. Only Grant is in this thing with Nan, who happens to be Harlow's half sister. Grant is absolutely phobic about any kind of commitment. I forgave him because I understand his reasoning behind it. He's so afraid being destroyed by the thought of losing someone he loves, he thinks it's easier to hold on to his heart. Thank God Rush (who would've thought) sets him straight.  In One More Chance, I really fell in love with Grant. You saw the real him. When he called Harlow day after day and she didn't answer, he never gave up. The messages he left her were so beautiful, you felt how much he loved her and how much his heart was breaking. Grant Carter is the entire package and Harlow is a very lucky girl.

6. Nix Knight

I've said it before. When I can remember a character from a book I read months ago so vividly, I know they've made and impression. Now the impression Nix Knight made, had me squirming in my seat for most of the book Incandescent. I have never really been an MC girl, but let me tell you, for me, Nix Knight was pretty damn close to perfect. Physically the man is hot as hell. I loved his dirty mouth and all the places he put it. I literally could hear his voice in my head as I was reading his words. Nix had this instant attraction to Kadence and he let her know he wanted her. Even when she was busy saying no to Nix, he wasn't having it. He put himself in her life and she finally realized she needed to get with this hot, bossy man. I loved how passionate and beyond sexy he was. He made Kadence feel cherished and beautiful. When you're a hard core MC Pres and you can make your woman feel like that, you're definitely doing something right. Me? I'd want every part of him all over me, whenever he wanted. 

5. Joseph City Gallo

When I first started the Men of Inked series I though Michael Gallo was the one for me. Then I read Throttle Me and Joseph Gallo was all I could think about. Hot body, pierced, tatted up and those blue Gallo eyes. Then he called Suzy "Sugar" and I was sunk. Joey lives his life as a typical bachelor. Working at his family's tattoo shop and sleeping around with pretty much anyone he wanted because um, damn, who wouldn't want to sleep with him? Then along came Suzy and Joey turned her world upside down and yes she spun his world around too. Innocent, control freak Suzy gets a taste of Joey and she knows it's not enough. Clearly I have a thing for naughty talk, because yep, Joey is a dirty talker. He is so hot in bed that I'd never want to leave. The sex is steamy and Joey let's Suzy embrace her inner bad girl. He also growls...God I love it when they growl. It's so stinkin hot. So far, City is the Gallo boy that has my heart. I would love to be naughty with him.

4. Walker Moore

Talk about a swoon worthy book boyfriend. Walker Moore is absolute perfection. Tousled dark hair with dark blue eyes that sometimes look grey, a hot body with a broad chest and some sick ink peeking out of his tight tee shirts. Not to mention that baseball cap. Sweet Jesus, I almost forgot about the perfect amount of stubble on his face. I know where I'd like to feel that. He is sweet and he is in love with Liza Morris. He has been for ages. When they were teenagers they shared a kiss that was the kind of kiss that knocks you off your feet. Even as a teenager, Walker was passionate and the things he did and said got me completely hot and bothered. Fast forward to the man he's becoming and I could not help the naughty thoughts that ran through my head. There's nothing I would change about him. Ok...I would make him real because damn Walker Moore in person would be a dream come true. Thank you Kelly Elliot for Walker Moore and Broken Promises. There is not one word you could ever write that I will not read.

3. Chance Avery

Chance Avery invaded my thoughts for days after I finished reading Jennifer Foor's A Hope And A Chance. The story itself is beautiful and Chance Avery is one of the most perfect, most romantic, swoon worthy book boyfriends I have ever had the pleasure to read about. He's literally flawless. He has an amazing body, he's beautiful to look at, he's loyal, honest, for heaven's sake he's perfect. His feelings for Hope are so intense from the first time he sees her. Of course Hope is also drawn to Chance, how could she not be? The first glimpse she gets of him is  of that perfect behind, so you tell me, would you be able to resist him? Well she can't and they spend an amazing night together. What have I told you? I love a guy that can kiss. You know the kind of kiss where you feel it in your toes. The kind of kiss where you feel the world fall out from under you. Yes, Chance can kiss like that. And if he can kiss like that, you know he can do other stuff to make you feel even better. Chance felt this all consuming love for Hope and it just made me love him even more.

2. Chase Winter

Ok, Chase Winter. I read Entice in May and yes he is still one of my top book boyfriends. I met Rachel Van Dyken at I think Author's in the City and I gushed about him. Yes, I gushed. She gave me an Entice poster and took my picture in my Mafia Princess tee shirt. Anyway back to Chase. Of course he has dark hair and green eyes and that's just the beginning. He also has as Mil puts it, the body of a god and the tattoos just put me over the edge. Chase is also a smart ass and I friggin love that. He's funny and he is loyal and he is absolutely perfect. When a kiss can completely rock a girl's world you know you have a swoon worthy book boyfriend. Chase loves intensely in and out of the bedroom. He's protective and giving and I can't say enough good things about him. He is completely amazing and is clearly this girl's fantasy man.

1. Michael Lark Williams

This is the second year running that a Kelly Elliot book boyfriend has been number one in my Best Book Boyfriends countdown. Michael Lark Williams has come a long way from his manwhore days. Truth is when I was first introduced to Lark in some of Kelly's other books I thought he was a pig. Then he met Azurdee and then came Unconditional Love and Lark had solidly become the book boyfriend of all book boyfriends for me. He is my physical ideal of course. Dark hair, green eyes and Sweet baby Jesus that body...Oh Lord. Then he called Azurdee mi corazon and I completely lost it. Beautiful and he speaks Spanish? I have met my dream man. Not to mention the things the boy does in bed. Soooo hot. Hell he made me sweat and I was just reading. Like many of our book boyfriends Lark is afraid to commit. He was always guarding his heart. If you read Unconditional Love you know why. Why he doesn't let anyone get close and why he calls himself Lark instead of Michael. When he finally asks Azurdee to call him Michael, you knew he was ready to be in love. There is nothing about Lark Williams that I didn't like. He absolutely redeemed himself and earned my top book boyfriend spot to boot!!

Well I know it's a little late (it's already February), and yes, I had to expand the list to fifteen this year. I needed more room. What can I say? Authors are doing an amazing job of giving us book boyfriends. Thank you so much and pleaseeeeeee keep up the good work. I've already got one for my 2015 list. 

Anyway, what do you think? Do you agree? Do your disagree? Who did you love that I left off? Who should I be reading and looking for this year? 

Happy reading friends!!!


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