I laughed, pushing myself against her and shaking my head. "You see, you liked me. Past tense. And you used the same emotion you use for a damn goat at the zoo. You liked the goat, thought is was cute and funny. Well, guess what, Jules? I love you. Present tense. Strong emotion. The type of emotion that makes you want to keel over and die, drink yourself into a stupor" ~ Rush Wilder

Meet Rush Wilder, rock god, bassist for the hottest rock group Pandemic Sorrow and biggest man whore I have ever had the pleasure of reading about.

Rush is the second book in Stevie J. Cole's series. Jag comes first and if you haven't read that, you should one click it too. 

I'm not kidding when I tell you Rush is a huge man whore. Actually, all of the boys in Pandemic Sorrow are pretty slutty. Random hookups, after concert um...oral sex parties and just lots and lots of kinky, take a cold shower, or call your man sexual encounters in this book. Some scenes, my mouth just dropped open and left me speechless. Let's face it I'm sure this stuff actually happens. Girls lose a piece of their brains around rock stars and they do some really crazy shit (look for the choking incident, you'll get it).

Anyway, Rush is getting kind of tired of this whole slutting around thing. Especially since he's finally gotten tour manager Jules in bed with him after years of trying. Rush wants more, Jules wants to run away. She can't believe she slept with said man whore and she's very freaked out about the whole thing. Not only is she freaked out over the whole sex with Rush thing, she's worried about her job. Co-workers are not supposed to fraternize and they clearly just broke that rule.

Jules gives Rush kind of a taste of his own medicine, since he finds her sneaking out of his hotel room. She then proceeds to tell him this can't ever happen again. Guess what? Rush doesn't like it. And he lets Jules know, wait a minute, this is what I do, not what the girl does.

After that encounter, life goes back to normal, Jules keeps the boys happy plying them with drugs, alcohol, women and well you know, boys will be boys. Only for some reason this time, Rush isn't really into it anymore. He has real feelings for Jules and he believes she could change him.

A year after their night together, Jules stops denying her feelings and they begin a secret relationship. I am telling you, Rush is an unbelievably sexual being. He's also a dirty talker which is just so freaking hot. Rush starts believing Jules is it for him. They spend time together and realize it's not just sex. They really have feelings for each other. When they do have sex, holy hell it is steaming (keep their encounter in the recording studio in mind). 

In the midst of Jules and Rush being in their own little love bubble, the leader singer of the band, Jag Steele starts to fall apart. He's got a huge drug problem and basically his life is just a disaster.  The band has to cancel a tour they were gearing up for and their manager James (don't let me get started on him) is threatening to play hardball. He owns these boys and it's his way or the highway.

Just when you think Rush and Jules are going to be ok, James calls Rush and gives him some devastating information, then he proceeds to lie to Jules about that information.

Does Pandemic Sorrow fall apart? Do Rush and Jules have a happily ever after? What happens to the rest of the band?

You're going to have to read Rush, because I can't tell you. I can tell you, even though he's a filthy man whore, I do have a thing for Rush. He is damn sexy and deep down inside he's really not the filthy man whore he presented himself as. He's caring and loyal and hot as hell. 

A four lip smack review for Rush. It's a really good rocker story, but it's not just the whole sex, drugs and rock and roll thing. The guys of Pandemic Sorrow really do have each others backs. They're just young and living the dream. Who wouldn't go a little crazy when you're living that life style?

Oh wait...the extra bonus chapter. It is beyond naughty. And I promise you're going to love it!!!


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