Knowing I can't help Holly when she is only twenty feet away from me is going to kill me, but I know if I force her, I'll only end up pushing her further away, and if I ever want her light to help me out of my darkness, then I need to wait. So, I'm going to do just that. I will sit in the darkness waiting, waiting for her to come and guide me back out. And while I wait, hoping the light comes soon, I will thank God I'm not afraid of the dark. ~ Sylas Dean

Affliction by River Savage is the second book in the Knights Rebels series. It's centered around Kadence's best friend Holly and Nix's best friend and right hand man Sylas (Sy). You remember Holly...the feisty blonde from River's first Knights Rebels book Incandescent? Oh you don't. Well I'm telling you right now...READ IT FIRST!! Number one it's hot as hell and number two you'll be super confused if you don't. (Trust me on this.)

Sylas Dean is dark and brooding and broken. He is also undeniably sexy in that gritty biker sort of way. Covered in tattoos, with dark hair, dark gray eyes and a dirty mouth that will make you squirm. He's had a lot of loss in his life and he really is just a shell of a person. Then he meets Holly and all her sexiness. As much as he doesn't want to admit it, for lack of a better word, he is smitten. 

Holly is a vivacious, incredibly sexy, confident woman. She doesn't take any nonsense from Sy, going as far as calling him Sunshine and believe me, at the beginning, Sy isn't someone who radiates sunshine.

Somehow, this very unlikely couple ends up together and on the hotness scale, believe me they are off the chain hot. Like, "OMG Sy take me to bed and do everything to me because holy hell you are perfection in bed." He's got an amazing body, covered in ink and his skills in the bedroom, in the shower, in the kitchen, in the hallway are un-freakin-believable. Of course Holly is up for anything Sy throws her way (hell, I would be too).

Then tragedy strikes and it's bad. It ruins Holly and she loses part of herself. She's just going through the motions of life and shuts Sy out in the process. Sy has decided he wants to "claim" Holly as his woman and he does everything he can to get her back.

Holly has been through an unspeakable trauma and suffers from horrible panic attacks. Here's a huge reason I love Sy. The way he treats Holly during these panic attacks is so caring and loving, you realize there's a lot more to Sy than you might imagine. It's not all drama and angst. Holly and Sy are at times hilarious together. They don't hold back anything and their back and forth is completely humorous.

Throw into this mix the Knights Rebels rescuing abused women, club barbecues, some fighting and a whole lot of sex and you have Affliction. If you love MC books, you need to get into this series. I'll tell you I do love me some Nix Knight, but Sylas Dean made my insides melt (and made me need a damn cold shower).

Holly and Sy have a story and a connection you don't want to miss out on. That being said, I'm giving Affliction a five lip smack review. I can not wait to see what River Savage does with Jesse's story because that man is literally sex on a stick. Who am I kidding? Every one of the Knights Rebels are the stuff fantasies are made of and I know, I've been fantasizing about Sylas Dean for days now.


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