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"Remember when I asked you if you believed in loving something and setting it free to find out if it's meant to be?"
"You told me you were more the the school of if you want something you should pursue it aggressively."
"I finally understand the difference. If you want something, you pursue it aggressively and nothing gets in your way. If you love something sometimes you have no choice but to set it free so it can find its way back to you forever. It killed me to let go, but I'd do it again if it meant your happiness in the end. That's how I know."

I have found male perfection and his name is Cooper Montgomery. He is beautiful beyond all reason. Dark brown hair, dark green eyes framed with thick black lashes, and a body that is insanely sexy.

He's ridiculously wealthy, but not snotty and pretentious about it. He's down to earth enough to take a date to an outdoor food truck and truly enjoy it. Cooper's a successful Hollywood mogul who even though he's a complete workaholic, takes time to play cards with some of the employees of his production studio. He's determined to get what he wants and not afraid to work for it. 

One night while playing cards with the boys, Cooper meets Kate Monroe and that's it for him. Their attraction is undeniable and there's a lot of flirting during the card game. Then in the biggest ante of the night Kate throws her phone number into the pot. At the end of the night Cooper walks Kate to her car. When he brings her hand to his full kissable lips, he sticks his tongue out because he needs a taste. OMG seriously? Could he be anymore delicious?

So why then doesn't Kate immediately say yes to a date with the perfection that is Cooper Montgomery? Did I mention Cooper's slimy brother Miles? Yea, see Kate is a contestant on Throb. Throb is Mile's dating reality show. It's really important for Kate to win Throb because she's got a lot of family mess and the prize money will help wash all the mess away. And you guessed win you have to be the prize. You know the bachelor has to choose you to be his. 

Hello Flynn Beckham. Long haired, tatted up rock star with a panty dropping smile. So if Cooper's all American good looks don't do it for you, this story has two potential book boyfriends, and lucky Kate, they both want her.

Of course the rules of Throb don't allow for Kate to get involved with Cooper and at first Kate doesn't know that Cooper is the head of Montgomery Productions and Miles is his younger brother. All she knows is she can't break the rules and she needs the prize money. Did I mention how slimy Miles is?

Now remember, I told you, Cooper is no quitter. He pursues Kate aggressively. Our couple agree to one night together and it is completely off the chain steamy. What can I say? Cooper is an alpha male in and out of the bedroom. One of my favorite parts of Throb is Kate's constant use of the word bossy when it comes to Cooper. He's bossy in all parts of his love and it's just sexy beyond words.

I love the humor Vi Keeland adds to Throb. Of course the references to Cooper's bossiness add levity to an intense situation. But then Kate's best friend Sadie kept me laughing with her silly sense of humor and dislike of wearing underwear. 

Adding Flynn and the concept of a reality TV relationship really added something fresh to the story. And just when you think you know which way the story is going to go...plot twist! Yea it's definitely not smooth sailing for Kate and the man of her dreams (notice I'm not telling you who that man is). 

I especially liked the two book boyfriend factor of Throb. I'm going to tell you I'm completely a Cooper girl. Then again, anyone that knows me knows what dark hair and green eyes does to me. But if you're all about rock gods, Flynn could be it for you.

One of my favorite chapters takes place in Barbados. Good Lord it's oh so hot and steamy and I don't mean the weather. I mean the couple on vacation.

There's also a bump and honestly, Kate could totally go either way with her choice. Both Cooper and Flynn are great guys, so what's a girl to do? Well you're going to have to one click Throb and dive in to Hollywood with Cooper Montgomery and Flynn Beckham. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

I'm giving Throb a five lip smack review and I'm totally excited for Beat! Have you seen that cover? Dayummmmmmm. That man is sizzling hot!!!

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