"Exactly. Always. Nothing will change that. We just have to make a promise to each other that, if a relationship doesn't work out, we'll go back to being friends. I can promise you that. Can you?"
"Yes. Definitely." My insides burst with happiness from this conversation.
Jax pulls in an audible breath."Lily, would you rather try a romantic relationship with the knowledge that it might not work and your heart could get broken? Or would you rather play it safe, guard your heart, and remain solely friends, always wondering what could have been?"

Ok...first things first. Thank God the second part to A Beautiful Kind of Love comes out in May. I may not survive if I have to wait any longer. Second, I had no business reading this book out in public. I was  close to tears a couple of times and then Bam! The story totally wrecked me. But it was the good kind of wrecked. You know the kind of wrecked we buy these books for. Still it would have been nice to be somewhere private because I just needed to let the tears fall. 

Jax Porter and Lily Madison have been friends for their entire lives. Their mothers were best friends since college. They were born within a month of each other and they even lived next door to each other. They shared each other's secrets, they shared each other's joy and they shared each other's pain. The best way Lily described Jax even before they were a couple was that he was her "soulmate". Their friendship was absolutely beautiful and makes A Beautiful Kind Of Love the truly special book it is.

Thick as thieves from the time they are children, we watch Lily and Jax grow up. Even with all the changes life has to offer Lily and Jax were a constant. They were always there for each other no matter what. Even when they dated others, their friendship was still the most important thing in their lives. Knowing even when Jax had a girlfriend, he still put Lily first, made me melt into a puddle of goo. So obviously, it wasn't a stretch to watch their friendship turn into a relationship. 

The night of Junior Prom changes everything for Jax and Lily. As each other's date they are  happy to be sharing the experience of prom together. But Jax is quiet that night and Lily knowing Jax the way she does knows something's off. We finally get to the bottom of Jax's mood when he tells Lily he'd like to kiss her. Even before this night, Jax was always affectionate toward Lily. Always wrapping her in his arms or kissing her cheek or forehead. So I can tell you, the kiss they share is unbelievably passionate and it wakes up feelings I'm not sure either of them knew they had.

After prom and a lot of thought on both of their parts they decide to give a relationship a try. They promise though if a relationship doesn't work out they will still be best friends. Jax and Lily's relationship is beautiful, pure and one of first true love. I love how careful Jax is with Lily knowing how innocent she is. When they finally make love for the first time it is perfect. I love how Jax is always whispering sweet and sometimes naughty things to Lily. The do truly complement the other flawlessly.

But, life doesn't always turn out the way we plan and a long distance relationship no matter how much you love each other is never easy. Sometimes the best intentions can hurt the one you truly love and you watch something beautiful crumble before your eyes. Great, now I'm tearing up. Anyway, I'm not giving away the story. Just know it's bumpy and you should probably read in the privacy of your bedroom with a box of soft tissues next to you.

Something about A Beautiful Kind Of Love touched me. Jax and Lily were exactly what the other needed and Jax was really just perfect. Ellie Wade's writing is just on point for this story. Like I literally felt the story in my heart. That's the best way I can describe it. I promise when you read it you'll understand.

But on to the book boyfriend part. If I was doing my top boyfriends posting now, Jax Porter would be number one with no one even comes close to being his rival for that spot. His physical description is one of perfection (well for me anyway). His raven colored hair and bright green eyes are phenomenal. Then there's the sexy smile that sometimes turns into a sexy smirk. And a football player's body that is built and toned to perfection. But honestly, it's everything about him. Not just the way he looks, the way he acts. He's always put Lily first which adds about a million points to his hotness factor. Not to mention  how romantic and loving he is. My only complaint...he's a fictional character.

I loved A Beautiful Kind Of Love. Even though it broke me a little bit, it truly is a beautiful story. Of course I'm giving it a five lip smack review. I just hope the conclusion of Jax and Lily comes out soon because I may not survive not knowing the ending to their story.

In case you're still not clear, I'll tell you again. One click it. Read it and fall in love.


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