"No. If you weren't so fucking stubborn, you'd use your brain instead of your mouth. But you're wrong, babe." He lets one of my hands go and wraps his around the back of my neck, his thumb coming up to brush the tender spot just beneath my ear. I shiver. "We're not strangers. Twenty years of friendship doesn't disappear just because you weren't there for four of them. I know every one of your buttons, firecracker. I know what pisses you off, where to tickle you to make you scream, and exactly what I have to do to make you give in. And you know I will, Ever. You know you'll give in."

True story, it would have taken no time at all for me to give in to Reid North. He is just that delicious. I've been in a Reid North hangover all weekend. 

Sometimes, you just read a tiny blurb of what a book is about and you HAVE to read the book. Sometimes that book is a series and you need to read them all. That's what happened when I ran across Emma Hart's This Game series. I HAD to read them.

I finished Intercepted last night and I loved them all, but Intercepted and Reid North had me completely swooning. Sweet Jesus, that boy is phenomenal. Pro football player, amazing single father, and in love with the same girl from the time he was too old to be in love with his four years younger friend.

Meet Everleigh White. She's the best friend and guess what? She's been in love with Reid for just as long as he's loved her. They've grown up in that LA lifestyle. Both moms players in the industry and Ever's dad a big shot director. But, Ever was never comfortable with all the events and being in the limelight and Reid was her savior. They were best friends. Best friends that loved each other but never told. It was all good until Ever went back east to go to college and fell out of Reid's life for four years.

Only now, Ever is home and Reid has a lot of questions. Well mostly one question, but it's a big one. Why? Why did she leave and why she never said goodbye. Of course you'll need to read Intercepted to get to the answers of all the whys, but I promise, you'll love finding out the answers.

Reid North is just perfect. He really has loved Ever since before he really had any business loving her, but he never acted on it. Both Ever and Reid dated other people while they were growing up.  Ever and Reid loved each other, but that four year age gap was always in the way. Especially after Ever's dad makes a fabulous threat to Reid if he tries to kiss Ever before she turns eighteen. This is how Reid got Leo. Leo is Reid's seven year old son from a teenaged relationship and he is so stinkin adorable you just want to eat him up. How could you not love a kid who thinks grown ups get cooties from having sex? 

Oh right, back to Reid. Did I mention I love him? Dark hair, inky blue eyes and a body that is beyond lickable on every muscle and plane. But it's not just Reid physically. The boy is just too good to be true. Did he want a child at nineteen? Of course he didn't. And the fact that he didn't eats him up with guilt, because now Leo is his whole life.

I also love Everleigh. Reid calls her firecracker for a good reason. She is a feisty one. But she's also a little damaged. She came home to get away from her ex. An ex she found out was sleeping with her best friend. Creepily enough, the ex follows Ever back to LA and tries to get her to take him back. 

So there are three major parts of Intercepted. Of course there's the whole Reid and Ever relationship. Are they going to get together? Is Ever so afraid to lose Reid that she won't give their love a try? Is she ready to be a mom to Leo? Then we have the drama with Reid's ex and Leo's mother Claire, the skanky ex con, drug addict. Finally, who is the stalker that keeps leaving white roses for Ever? Who's the person following her in the red car? 

I'm telling you now, go and one click Emma Hart's Intercepted. I know a good book when I see one and this is definitely worth the read. Sometimes when I'm reading I just have this feeling in the middle of my chest. I know it's good and I know I want to keep reading. Intercepted made me laugh, had me in tears and gave me just enough suspense to keep me guessing at was going to happen. I promise, you'll be guessing too.

A five lip smack review to Intercepted and to Reid North. I love the way he adores his son. I love the way he loves Ever. And I love that naughty mouth when he and Ever finally get busy giving each other grown up cooties. Props to Emma Hart for bringing in the rest of The Game series characters to Intercepted. They added a whole other level to the story. 

And finally, yes, yes Reid...I can almost guarantee...I.  Would.  Beg.  You. 


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