"I'm done caring about them and the media. This is my life and they can fuck off." He took a shaky breath. "I know I told you a while ago that I couldn't promise  you forever but I was wrong to say that. I can't live my life without you," he whispered, his fingers gliding down my neck and lower where I was sure he felt how fast my heart was beating. "Those seven  years without you were some of the worst of my life, and that's saying a lot considering all the shit I went through with my real parent's but it's the truth."

I've come to realize that books like Never Too Late are my favorite kind of romance. Never Too Late is about soul mates and second chances and that just does something to my heart. I always swoon when the boy tells the girl, I've only ever loved you. Ah...I just melted a little right now.

Mathias Wade is used to getting everything he wants. Everything that is except for Remy Parker, the one that got away. As the lead singer of Willow Creek Mathias has spent the last seven years of his life drowning his sorrows in women and alcohol. Only none of those women could compare to Remy.

The two met in high school when they were sixteen years old. They were kind of misfits and broken in their own way. Remy was just a different kind of girl. She didn't have many friends. She couldn't even figure out why Mathias (I love that name) was interested in her.

Mathias is a whole other story. He's had a very tough life. Abusive, alcoholic parents, in and out of foster care, he's had it rough. He definitely has a badass personality and it shows in everything he does.

When they were together in high school they were always together. They weren't only boyfriend and girlfriend, they were best friends. Well, they were best friends until Remy told Mathias she was moving away to Arizona with her family. That night, Mathias said horrible things to Remy and Remy walked away with a secret she never got to tell Mathias.

Fast forward seven years. Remy's back in town and Mathias is there as well. Remy hopes to bump into Mathias for one reason and one reason only...revenge. Her hope is to make Mathias fall in love with her and then break him the way he broke her all those years ago.

When they finally run into each other anger oozes off the both of them. But even through the anger, you can tell there are still feelings between the two of them. Remy and Mathias aren't a typical couple. Everything about them is extreme. They bicker, they're always snarky to each other and truthfully, they're perfect for each other.

Of course I'm not going to tell you if Remy's plan works. And I'm certainly not going to spill any secrets like the one Remy's been keeping forever and can't bring herself to tell Mathias. You're going to have to one-click and find out. I promise this book is so worth it. I couldn't put it down.

Mathias as a book boyfriend? Oh hell yea! He's incredibly good looking. Stormy gray eyes, dark hair and a very toned body with some nice ink on it. Remy says Mathias is brooding and arrogant and he absolutely is. He's a complete bad boy through and through. Only sometimes you get a glimpse of this sweet, protective, charming man and you can't help but love him. 

How could I forget the hottest part about Mathias? In bed, the man is a god. Whether he's telling Remy the sweetest things or the naughtiest, he is always uber passionate and well damn, who doesn't want that?

Oh, I can't forget, the reason Remy goes back home is to take care of her granny. Granny's had a heart attack and Remy's parents send her to do the job. Believe me, granny doesn't need a babysitter. She is one of the coolest grannies out there. Her references to pop culture and cute boys are hilarious. 

I loved this book and I mean every part of this book. I laughed out loud and I teared up at times. And truthfully up until the end of the book it could go either way. So read it and find out!!

I'm definitely on a five lip smack roll recently. I must always pick awesome books because Never Too Late is totally getting five lip smacks. I can't wait for the next book In Your Heart can't come out fast enough.


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