"Then you walk in looking hot as shit, smiling at me like you do, reminding me how completely fucked I was over you already. You roped me in, Beth. You did it the second I looked at you that night at McGill's, and you did it again when I saw you that day at Sal's. I would've agreed to anything just to spend more time with you, but that was all you. Nobody else would've gotten to me like that." ~ Reed Tennyson

Meet Reed Tennyson. Filthy and sweet and if you're anything like don't have a chance. 

I thought when I met Luke Evans from The Alabama Summer Series I found the hottest guy in Alabama. Then along comes Reed Tennyson and holy hell. That boy made my insides turn to mush.

Ok, not at first. At first Reed is this kind of slutty, different girl in his bed every night kind of guy. For nine years he's been that guy. He brings girls home and calls them a cab first thing in the morning. There's just sex. No kissing. No cuddling. Straight up one and you're done sex. Then he meets Beth Daniels.

Beth is a twenty two year old girl that has already lived a lifetime of hardship. Raised by a single mom who was a drug addict, she finds herself alone and homeless when her mom unexpectedly passes away. Out on the street, living out of her car, she's found by a "kind" stranger named Rocco. At first, Rocco seemed like the answer to her prayers, then he became abusive. Fortunately, Beth finds out her mom has a sister and Aunt Hattie and her husband Danny are more than happy to give Beth a home and a fresh start.

So we have Reed who has been damaged in love by a former girlfriend and Beth who has basically been told by Rocco no one but him would ever want her. It's only natural that fate brings these two tortured souls together, right?

The second Reed sees Beth sitting in a booth at McGill's, her aunt and uncle's honky tonk, he is drawn to her. The first meeting is full of sexual tension. It only gets better when Reed's witch of an ex comes by their table and Beth gives Reed who hasn't been kissed in nine years a kiss he's remembering for days.

The snarky ex, obnoxiously invites Beth and Reed to her engagement party and the "new couple" happily accept the invitation. Ok, Beth accepts. Reed is like, oh hell no. Only Reed's attraction to Beth is stronger than his aversion to his ex and he decides he'll go to the engagement party. Since they are pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend, it's only right that they spend some time together and get to know each other. During the time they spend together, they both fall a little more for each other. Beth appreciating her feelings for Reed, Reed being scared senseless and trying to deny his feelings for Beth.

The night of the engagement party arrives and a clearly uncomfortable Reed and sympathetic Beth find themselves alone in an old barn on the property where the party is being held. Remember that sexual tension? Explosion! Oh my Lord together Reed and Beth are sexual dynamite. Their chemistry is off the chain hot. Their romp in the barn leads to an entire night of passion for our sexy couple. For the first time Reed wakes up in the morning and doesn't want his guest to leave. But guess what? Reed had a few too many drinks and has no idea what he and Beth did in every room in his house all night long. 

Beth is crushed by this. When Reed starts to get bits and pieces of the night back in his memory, he can't believe he did all the things with Beth he's been fantasizing and he can't remember a thing.

Now remember, this is book three of the series and J. Daniels of course keeps the story lines of the other couples going. So Mia and Ben and Luke and Tessa are back in the picture. Tessa and Mia are hilariously merciless in their teasing of Reed. Ben and Luke are just complete alpha male hotness and they all love Beth, so they spend lots of time trying to get Reed to admit he loves her too.

Reed as a book boyfriend? Oh hell yes!  Reed Tennyson to me is the epitome of hotness. Forgive me for saying but in this series, Reed is it for me (sorry Luke). Even though he's got this one and done attitude, he's just so sweet and funny as a person, that I was willing to forgive him. Then he met Beth and as much as he didn't want to admit it, one and done was out the window. Oh and Beth is absolutely right. Reed is filthy and sweet. His filthy is so ridiculously hot, I'm sure I was blushing while I read. 

Each couple faces conflict in When I Fall and in true Alabama Summer Series manner they solve things together. Sometimes with laughter and humor and sometimes with yelling and anger. Also remember Reed and Beth are both damaged and they make mistakes. One that threatens the relationship that they're starting to build.

You really need to one click When I Fall if you haven't already. And when you do one click and you get to the bathroom scene at the nightclub, you'll be like, OMG Riley you were so right. I love that part, I really do.

J. Daniels is fast becoming one of my go to authors. That being said...I'm giving When I Fall a five lip smack review. click it now!!!


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