Trust Me 
Publication Date: 1 February 2015 
Genres: Romance, Suspense

Blitz: Trust Me by Ella Sheridan

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A woman on a mission…

Maddie Baker spent four years seeking vengeance against the man whose abuse destroyed her life. That search has led her to a small town outside Atlanta and a missing teenage girl. Nothing will stand in the way of her mission, including a jackass of an ex-soldier who reawakens emotions best left to die.

A man on the hunt… 

Jack Quinn learned to recognize trouble in the marines, and he sees it in Maddie the minute he lays eyes on her tending bar. Her secrets are hidden deep, but secrets are his specialty, and peeling away her barriers only makes him want her more. He’ll do whatever it takes to get her to trust him with her body and her heart.

An old threat whose time has come… 

Staying hidden kept Maddie safe, but the search for justice will bring her into the open and face-to-face with her treacherous past. Risking her life is one thing, but risking her heart is another. In love and in danger, she must trust Jack to lead her—and pray they both come out alive.


“Jack’s a great self-defense teacher,” Taylor was saying. “And like I’ve told him more than once, he can manhandle me anytime.”
The flirty words fit Taylor’s normal happy-go-lucky attitude, but Maddie sensed that, in this instance, they were more about drawing attention away from what she’d admitted about her past.
“No kidding,” Elena teased. “I mean, God”—the petite waitress fanned her pink cheeks—“those thighs.”
Taylor winked. “That ass.”
And that was the last place Maddie’s mind needed to go. No thinking about Jack’s ass.
“Not to mention that face,” Elena said.
“You mean the one with the smug male arrogance?” Maddie asked.
Elena’s mini swoon mocked her. “Yeah, that one.”
“Come on, Maddie,” Taylor said. “Don’t tell me he didn’t push any buttons with you.”
“Oh, he pushed buttons, all right.” She clamped her lips shut before she admitted which ones. Instead she gave Elena a warning look. “You, on the other hand, you hit a big button.”
“Not sure I would say ‘hit’ around here for a while,” John put in, sotto voce, from a few feet away.
Maddie stuck her tongue out at his back. Taylor hooted, the hand over her mouth barely muffling the sound.
“How’s your arm?” Maddie asked Elena when the amusement died down.
“A bit bruised, but I’ll be okay.” She rotated her wrist cautiously. “I’ll keep an eye on it.”
“Do that. You never know when there might be a hairline fracture.” Maddie knew that from experience.
“So where’d you learn your moves, Maddie?” Taylor asked.
The ever-present shrug came to her rescue. “Here and there.”
“Comes in handy in a bar,” Taylor said.
“Back to work, girls!” Tommy Ray called through the window to the kitchen.
Taylor and Elena returned to the floor, their heads together, continuing the conversation between them. Maddie watched for a moment, an emotion swirling in her chest that she had no desire to identify but couldn’t get away from: jealousy. She shouldn’t feel jealousy, shouldn’t feel need. Shouldn’t feel any of the things that were raising their nasty little heads tonight. The only thing she allowed herself to need was justice, and to gain it, she had to keep her sights on what was important.
Uncovering secrets.
Finding the proof.
Emotion would only make her vulnerable, and vulnerable was as good as dead in her world.

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About Ella Sheridan

Ella Sheridan grew up in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as the Deep South. Books provided her with adventures, friends, and her first forays into romance. To this day she explores the world through the words of her favorite authors, whether that’s the worlds across space and time or the worlds of love and passion. When she’s not writing or working or reading, she is corralling her two active teenagers, snuggling on the couch with her husband, working out her stress in a martial arts class, or sleeping. But no matter what she’s doing, the voices in her head just won’t let her go.


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