"It didn't matter who I was with, in my eyes, they were always you. Besides, I wasn't innocent. I lost my virginity to a girl who didn't even know it was me. You could hate me forever for that one alone, but I went and did it twice because I couldn't say no to you. I couldn't go and get Branch, when I knew I could be what you wanted. I used to dream that halfway into it  you'd say you knew it was me the whole time. I was pretty messed up." Brooks Valentine

I know, I know, the quote is a little weird, but when you read the whole story, you'll realize the incredible love that it represents. Brooks Valentine is complete and utter perfection. From the very first chapter of Love's Suicide he would be the twin I would have chosen. He's gorgeous, dark blue eyes, light brown hair with a body this is totally hot from his time as a soldier. But, the best part about Brooks is his complete selflessness. Of course there's more and I'll get to that, but I swear I have spent nights wishing this man was real.

Now I know you're saying really Riley how could you be in love with Brooks when Branch is his identical twin. Oh. I didn't mention the twin part? Yes, incredibly hot twins. And yes I am CRAZY about one and not the other. Let me try to explain.

Love's Suicide begins with Brooks and Branch Valentine practice kissing with their neighbor Katy Michaels (lucky Katy right?). After the practice kissing the boys are called in for dinner and on the way in Brooks tells Katy that they should practice a little more. I'm sure with that kiss Brooks and Katy fell in love and I was over the moon for Brooks.

Katy and the boys have grown up together. They've lived next door to each other since they were babies. Their moms were friends in college and that's how they wound up together. Then in a horrible tragedy Katy's parents lose their lives in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon. Even though Katy's mother has a sister, the Valentines become Katy's guardians and she moves in with them.

So here she is living in a house with two gorgeous twins during the time when boys and girls are beginning to discover that they like each other. Remembering back to their kiss, imagine my surprise when as they got older Katy and Branch became boyfriend and girlfriend. Can you say what were you thinking?

As Katy and Branch's relationship takes a serious turn, Brooks who clearly has always loved Katy (or Kat as he affectionately calls her) finds that the only way to deal with his pain is to leave the situation. Brooks enlists in the army and deploys to Afghanistan.

All the while, even though she's with Branch, Katy truly misses Brooks. It's almost like she feels like a piece of her is missing when he's gone. During this time, Katy and Branch go away to college together and get engaged. There was some talk of Brooks not coming back for the wedding, but he does and then holy hell does this story take a crazy turn.

Katy learns some things about both of the brothers that she didn't know. So, she's got this information that is quite frankly mind blowing. And yes she realizes that she chose the wrong Valentine brother. Finally giving in to her feelings for Brooks, the night before she's supposed to get married, she spends a steamy, passionate night with her husband to be's twin. Their night is amazing and beautiful. It's something they've both always wanted. With their true feelings out in the open, Brooks thinks he and Katy will explain their love and have a happily ever after. Oh silly Brooks, that's not what happens at all. Katy runs away. She disappears somewhere no one will find her and begins a new life.

Here's where I get annoyed at Katy. I was so mad at her for running. She broke Brooks heart for a second time and she didn't have to. Then I remember, she was young and afraid and I still get mad at her.

Katy does set up a life in South Carolina. She gets a job, makes friends and keeps a huge secret from Brooks. All the while her love for Brooks never fades. She realizes he was her once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, Brooks is in Afghanistan. 

Now it gets even worse. Katy gets involved with Bobby and even though he knows she'll never love him, he's willing to take what she gives him. Their relationship starts out sweetly enough, even though you know all you want is for Katy and Brooks to find their way back to each other. Then, the relationship turns ugly and Bobby turns out to be an abusive drunk.

The last thing I'll give you before I tell one to one click Love's Suicide is this; Katy and Brooks do reconnect. Do they get their happily ever after or is there another stumbling block in their way? Obviously I'm not telling. Hello...I'm trying not to ruin the story for you.

Now back to Brooks. He literally is my dream man and not just because he is gorgeous with a rock solid body. Brooks puts everyone's happiness above his own. He is generous and caring and loyal and the man is remarkably good in bed. The kind of good where you're reading and you're like oh damn, I need this man. So I think it's safe to say I am a huge fan of Brooks Valentine and all of his yumminess.

Of course Love's Suicide is getting a five lip smack review. It's a beautifully written story and I was emotional through the whole book. Yes, tears were involved and it takes a lot to make me cry.


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