"She's my life now. It was bad enough when I'd convinced myself she didn't love me. But a world without her at all is one I don't want to live in."

"Yeah. If we'd lost Raine..." He swallowed a lump in his throat. "I couldn't go through."

Those two quotes show only a tiny bit of how much Hammer and Liam love Raine. They both have decided they can't live without her. In making that decision the two men decide to share her. They've done this once before with Hammer's wife and it ended badly.

The Bold and the Dominant is the third book in The Doms of Her Life series and when you read it, hold on because you're in for a bumpy ride. If you remember the unbelievable night of passion Raine and her Doms had at the end of The Young and Submissive, you know that Hammer and Liam have come to the decision to share Raine. You also know Liam received a phone call from his ex wife Gwyneth that blows him away.

Gwyneth is a horrible shrew of a woman who cheated on Liam during their marriage. If you think she doesn't have an ulterior motive coming back into Liam's life, you're wrong. Gwyneth causes more havoc in an already complicated situation. Right about now you're probably asking, what did she do? Well, I'm not telling, so go one click now so you can get up to speed.

During this debacle with Gwyneth, Liam worries he's going to lose Raine to Hammer. Since the men are trying to hide Gwyneth from Raine, Obviously Hammer is spending some quality time with her. The whole Dom and Submissive business comes down to complete trust and honesty and for some things, Liam and Hammer tend to keep the truth from Raine. When she does finally run into Gwyneth, it's not a pretty sight.

Add an unexpected person from Raine's past trying to move back in the picture, and you get plot twist after plot twist. All the while Liam and Hammer doing their very best to take care of and satisfy Raine.

Hammer is still the rough around the edges Dom who's been in love with Raine for six years. Liam has known Raine for like a minute and is also crazy in love with her. Liam is more tender and loving. The two men balance each other out. But they are both alpha males and sometimes that leads to the men giving each other ass kicking. 

Now I admit the idea of a menage with me and two men does sound appealing. But I'm kind of having a little trouble with the whole sharing thing. Clearly, BDSM is not my lifestyle and I don't know very much about it. I do know if I was in love with someone, sharing would not work for me. Which leads me to my question. Can Raine really be so desperately in love with both men? Liam and Hammer say they're completely fine with their sharing situation, but they both still have a lot of jealousy issues and to me that means this relationship has the potential to explode.

Back to the story. Thankfully, the Gwyneth situation sort of resolves itself because there's a much bigger problem on the horizon. During all of the crazy, Liam and Hammer remain desperate to protect and love their girl. Liam buys Raine a beautiful home for the threesome to live in and Hammer is having it decorated to Raine's liking.

Once again, our authors have given us some hotter than hot sex scenes in The Bold and the Dominant. When Hammer and Raine scene at Shadows and Hammer claims her it's absolutely squirm in your seat worthy. 

I also have to say I rather enjoy Seth and Beck's insight into this interesting relationship. They are not only good friends to Liam and Hammer, they are funny as hell. They too really care about Raine. Thankfully, they don't try and claim her for their own. Imagine?

So now, our trio is together thinking about their future and......plot twist! It's a big one and potentially relationship changing. 

I was hoping to tell everyone which Dom I'd choose because as much as I like the idea of being taken care of by two men, I think my heart could only belong to one. But since there's going to be one more story in our series, you'll have to wait til then. 

I really do like this series a lot. I like the characters and I love sexy alpha men and there are plenty of them. So I'm giving The Bold and the Dominant a four lip smack review. I can't wait to see how this story plays out!


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