Be With Me by Jennifer L. Arrmentrout writing as J. Lynn

"And I'm more than willing to spend the rest of my life making it up to you, because I love you Tess, I am so fucking in love with you in a way I've never loved someone before. Please let me prove that to you. Please Tess." Jase Winstead

I think the only way for me to start off this review is by saying......WOW!! I have been a fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout for a while now. I was really into her Covenant series. A series of books with a kind of  mythological twist to them. And yes she did give us a good book boyfriend in Aiden St. Delphi. I also loved Wait for You. Cam Hamilton another swoon worthy book boyfriend. Then I got the five chapter teaser and cover reveal for Be With Me and I thought, damn this looks good.  I NEED it to be released. 

Three things I learned from Friday when I started reading until today when I sat down to write this. One, I am obsessed with Jase Winstead, and I mean obsessed to the nth power, two, Teresa "Tess"Hamilton is a total bad ass and three, I am in love with Jennifer L. Armentrout. 

On Friday night I went to bed with Jase on my brain. I woke up and he was still there. Yes, I usually find a book boyfriend in most of the books I read, but not like Jase. He is perfection with a capital P. The description of his physical appearance gave me chill bumps. From his russet colored mop of curly hair, to his toned and tattooed body I was hooked. Here's an excellent description from Tess......."ovaries go boom." and that's exactly what mine did!

Jase is Tess' brother Cam's best friend.  They're in college together and Jase has seen Cam through some really rough times. You can read more about Cam and his girlfriend Avery in Wait for You. But right now it's Jase and Tess' turn. These two have known each other for a while. Of course Tess has harbored a crush on the oh so yummy Jase from day one. She thinks he might have feelings for her too since they shared a devastatingly hot kiss one night during her senior year in high school. Tess has never forgotten that kiss. And apparently neither has Jase.

Fast forward to a year in the future. Over protective big brother Cam is bringing Tess to college and stops at Jase's farm on the way. College is something that was never on Tess' radar. She's a dancer and was planning on going to the Joffrey School of Ballet where she had a full scholarship, until she blew out her ACL. Now she's on her way to university until she can get back to dancing. Did I mention big brother and Jase both go to the college Tess is attending? Hmmmmm...interesting.

Tess knows how she feels about Jase, but he tries to make it clear the kiss they shared was a drunken one that can never happen again and he ever so kindly puts Tess in the "friend zone."

That friend zone doesn't last long when one night after actually drinking he shows up at Tess' dorm and says he needs to talk to her. Jase comes to apologize for friend zoning Tess and winds up spending the night on the sofa in Tess' suite. Not only does he tell Tess how beautiful and desirable he thinks she is, he brings her a delicious cupcake. If only I had a friend like that. So anyway, at this point you know Jase has some serious feelings for Tess. 

Try as he might, Jase can't stay away from Tess. They have class together 3 times a week, they always seem to wind up together, and of course Jase is always saying, "we're friends right?" (I would most definitely want a friend like Jase.) Eventually, they decide they can't stay away from each other and make the decision to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The only thing they don't get around to is telling Cam that they're together. Never fear, big brother walks in on them in a sort of compromising situation. Luckily the beautiful Jase only gets punched one time and big brother kind of lets it go when little sister blurts out that she loves Jase (swoon).

There are some plot twists that I won't share because, well, I want you to read the book. There is suspense and a few bumps along the way. The subplots are definitely relevant and only add to the story. I can't say enough good things about this book.  Really it's a must read!

Wait, I thought of one more thing. One day in my life I NEED to kiss someone that can kiss like Jase. Ms. Armentrout gave this book boyfriend some mad skills and ladies just once in our lives, we should all be kissed by someone like Jase Winstead.

A total of 5 lipstick kisses for Be With Me. 

Read it and let me know how much you love it.  Also let me know if you have anyone with the kissing skills of Jase!


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