Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

"Then he kissed me on my front steps, a kiss so sweet and gentle that my heart ached and I could feel his soft lips on my own long after he walked away and turned the corner out of sight."

How could you look at this cover and not want to read it? Damn this man is fine!

You may have heard me mention my book partner in crime Darien. She is my go to girl when I need advice on what to read. So when she told me I HAD to read Archer's Voice how could I resist?

After I read it and we swooned over Archer Hale, I said "Girl you should do the review for this one." So my reading friends here's the review my best book friend wrote for Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan.

Harper's Voice is the fourth book in Mia Sheridan's A Sign of Love series, but it is also a stand alone. Reading so many books, it is easy to forget small and sometimes very large details in them. And then there are certain books whose details, characters and words stick with us long after we have finished them. Archer's Voice is one of them. I believe this book will stay with me for a very long time; in fact it is one of the most pure heartfelt books I have ever read!

Bree Prescott is a woman literally running away from the pain of her past. That pain has landed her in a place that brought her happiness as a child, the small town of Pelion, Maine.

Archer Hale has lived in Pelion his whole life. Yet no one in this small town has had any contact with him since he was a young boy. In the eyes of the townspeople, Archer Hale is deaf, slow and just plain weird.  Hiding behind long hair and a beard, he is the town outcast. Living with his own painful past and a huge secret, Archer has become used to living this sad and lonely existence.

Bree isn't in town long before she encounters Archer and feels an immediate connection to him. She sees his beauty through the long hair, unkempt beard and raggy clothes. After asking around, she discovers Archer lives near the beach and what people assume about him. On her way home from the beach one day, Bree's dog Phoebe runs through the fence onto Archer's property. Bree comes face to face with Archer once again. This time she is aware he doesn't speak, so Bree whose father was deaf, speaks to him in sign language.  Archer then shows Bree he knows sign language as well by signing back to her. Bree learns Archer is not deaf, slow or weird, he has been completely isolated from human contact for many years, so he is socially awkward, innocent and shy. 

Their friendship begins from there and an attraction grows between them as well. Bree gets Archer to allow her to cut his hair. When Bree leans in closely, mesmerized by Archer's whiskey colored eyes, she is surprised when Archer abruptly asks her to leave, instead of giving her the kiss she was expecting. You can sense their attraction and wonder why he sent her away. And thankfully, Mia Sheridan lets us know the reason and if it doesn't break your heart just a little, I don't know what will. The following night, Archer gives Bree that kiss, his first kiss and Bree learns just how isolated and innocent Archer has been. Fortunately, 

Archer is a quick study and as time goes on their sexual relationship ship grows. And holy hell, for someone who has been devoid of human contact for most of his life, the man does acquire some serious skills. During this time Bree and Archer begin to fall in love.

Add to the mix a jealous, misguided cousin and a cruel aunt that could rival any book villain and you understand more about Archer's tragic life. You also get the sense there's more to this story. Archer's cousin Travis saw Bree first and decided he wanted her (Hmmmmm history repeating itself?) You get the feeling from the start that Travis is kind of sleazy, and well that feeling is correct. Then you meet his mom Victoria Hale and she is beyond awful. These two would like nothing more than for Archer to keep living life as a recluse, but Bree Prescott has other plans for her man.

Pretending to want to make amends for the way he's treated Archer over the years, cousin Travis takes Archer for a boys night out. Of course the boys night out is to a stripper bar and you can probably guess what happens (Or read the book, because I'm not telling). A misunderstanding that night leaves Bree devastated and Archer alone once again. Archer realizes after having Bree in his life, he would be destroyed to go back to being alone again. Thank goodness Archer and Bree make up and the two friends become lovers. During this time, as much as you want them to be happy, Bree senses Archer pulling away from her but doesn't understand why.

Another hateful visit from cousin Travis gives us some insight to why Archer is having second thoughts of a life with Bree. Archer wonders how he will provide for her and if his lack of interaction with the outside world will will make her resentful and unhappy. Without telling anyone Archer leaves town with Bree wondering why. Bree, completely in love with Archer, decides to wait for him, no matter how long he is gone.

Throughout the chapters we learn the details of Archer's life. How he came to be the weird, deaf guy who didn't speak. Also through a series of flashbacks we learn Bree's big secret and why she ran away from her life in Ohio.

Many secrets are uncovered and danger comes looking for Bree. Will Archer and Bree find their way back to each other? Will they survive the ghosts from their pasts? Can they get past the jealousy and hate from Archer's so called family? Does the final plot twist make or break Archer and Bree? Now you know I won't tell you, I want you to read it for yourself!!

Archer's Voice is one of those books that does not come around very often. It moved me in so many ways; I just felt so much love coming off every page. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and even piss you off, but in the end, your heart will have grown a little because you read it!

A five lipstick print review from this reader!!! 💋💋💋💋💋


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