Title: Burned
Forbidden Series #4
Author: Melody Anne
Publication Date: June 16


Tyler Knight isn’t nearly as hardened as his brothers. He was too young to remember the horrific death of his parents, the betrayal of his mother, or the weakness of his father. But he’s watched his brothers, and the hardened life they have led, and he’s always been the calm in the storm for them all, bringing light to an otherwise darkened world.

When he watches his brothers find a ray of sun in their otherwise turbulent lives, he wonders why he can’t find the same and he goes on a quest, for the first time doing it all on his own without the negative words of his brothers in his ear. But he’s about to learn that no matter how much he may want to hide from his dark past, it’s something that won’t disappear. And it’s about to catch up to him.

See the exciting conclusion to NYT best-selling author Melody Anne’s Forbidden Series with Tyler Knight’s story. 

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About Melody Anne

Melody Anne is the author of the popular series, Billionaire Bachelors, and Baby for the Billionaire. She also has a Young Adult Series out; Midnight Fire and Midnight Moon - Rise of the Dark Angel. She's been writing for years and published in 2011. She hold a bachelors degree in business, so she loves to write about strong, powerful, businessmen.

When Melody isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She lives in a small town that she loves, and is involved in many community projects.

See Melody's Website at: She makes it a point to respond to all her fans. You can also join her on facebook at:, or at twitter: @authmelodyanne.


“We’ll be best friends forever, right?”
A very young Tyler Knight, then age thirteen, turned to look at ten-year-old Elena Truman with a raised eyebrow and crooked grin that later in life would be one of his most recognizable expressions.
“I can’t be best friends with a girl,” he said with his impression of a scoff.
“You promised we were best friends,” she told him.
“Okay, we’re best friends, but that’s only between us. If my brothers knew I was best friends with a girl, they’d pummel me,” Tyler said as he kicked the hard clump of dirt in front of him. “They’d mock me mercilessly.”
“That’s not fair, Tyler.”
“Life’s not fair. Get used to it.”
“Why are you being so mean to me right now?” Tears filled Elena’s eyes.
“I’m older now. I’m a teenager, and my brothers said that girls are for one thing only.”
“Huh? What thing is that?”
“You know, the kissing and touching kind of thing,” he said nervously as he looked away from her.
“Why do girls and boys have to do that?” she replied. “It’s stupid.”
“It’s just what they do, Lanie. See, that’s why we can’t be friends. You’re too much of a baby.”
“I can kiss!” she insisted. “I’m not a baby.”
“Prove it,” he said, and he stepped closer.
Her heart was racing a million miles a minute as her best friend, the boy she’d been inseparable from for five years, was now only a couple of inches away from her.
“Just do it,” she said. Elena was so afraid of losing him.
He leaned forward and then he was pressing his closed lips against hers. Neither of them moved; they just stood there with their lips touching, their hands at their sides. They didn’t have a clue what was supposed to come next.
He finally took a step back and Elena opened her eyes. That wasn’t so bad after all. She could do something like that.
“See, we can still be friends,” she told him with a bright smile.
“That was stupid, Lanie. You don’t know how to kiss,” he said with a look she’d never seen on his face before.
The tears that had been threatening her earlier now spilled over. “You don’t either, Tyler,” she sniffled.
“Why don’t you grow up and then come around again?”
“Fine. I don’t want to be your friend anyway. You’re a big jerk,” she told him before turning and stumbling several steps away. “And you’re the one who needs to grow up.” She took off running, refusing to analyze whether she’d been shouting or wailing when she said those last few words.
“Good riddance,” Tyler called after her, making her heart break even more. Boys were nothing but trouble.

Chapter One

“You’ve become boring in your old age.”
A remark like that from his best friend? What was the world coming to? Tyler shot the guy a look that no one could interpret as friendly, picked up his drink, and downed the rest before he bothered to reply.
“It’s called growing up, Matt. We all have to do it sometime.”
“If growing up is so much damn fun, then you can count me out,” Matt told him before scanning the room.
“I hardly expected you ever to do such a reasonable thing,” Tyler told him. “I know you too well.”
You and I are both only thirty-one, Tyler. It’s not as if we have one foot in the grave now.”
“There are days I feel like I do, Matt. Work can be draining, all-consuming,” Tyler said, feeling much more advanced in years than he should.
“If you’d let your hair down once in a while, old boy, maybe you wouldn’t be so damn miserable. All work and no play makes you incredibly dull.”
“I can’t win, can I? If I go out on the town too much, the papers label me a damn playboy. If I stay out of the tabloids and work, then I’m a hermit. You can all piss off,” Tyler said, holding up his hand for a refill. The freaking bartender should certainly be more on top of his job.
“No one has ever said that life is easy,” Matt told him with a laugh. “Why don’t you find a girl and take her to your room and fu...oops, I mean make love till the morning light is breaking through the windows?”
Make love? And they say that I’m the romantic one in my clan,” Tyler snickered. “I’m trying to be sophisticated,” Matt replied. “After all, we’re in a higher-class bar
right now.”
“And whose damn idea was that?” Tyler said, scanning the room with distaste. A good rowdy pub was far more his style or at least it had been his style until last year, when he’d decided to try growing up a little bit more. Or to look as if he’d grown up a bit.
Maybe he did need to get laid. It had been a while way too long. When was the last time he’d had a woman moaning beneath him? That he even had to search his
memory told him it was past time to do something He needed a good lay, and he wasn’t thinking of poetry. Nothing flowery at all. Hell, pin the broad to the mattress and do what nature intended the two of them to do.
He fought with his brothers on a constant basis, telling them that love was real, that it could be achieved, but his last relationship had ended in disaster. Utter disaster. He’d been willing to give the woman a six-carat diamond along with his heart. And then he’d found her in the broom closet at his oldest brother’s wedding — with the bellhop.
Bryan had pointed out to him that night that women couldn’t be trusted. Tyler wasn’t ready to go that far, but as far as looking for happily-ever-after... Well, maybe he’d just look for Ms. Right Now.
But here was the problem. No one was catching his eye, and he was growing bored with this bar, so he decided to write this night off as a bust. Get real. It was time to hoist himself up off this bar stool and get the eff out of Dodge. But just then he heard the sound of laugher, and something about it caught his attention.
He looked off to the side and couldn’t help but noticing right there before him an appealing backside, exposed by a low-slung silky red tank top. Whoa.
“Hmm, maybe tonight will be more interesting than I’d originally thought,” Tyler told Matt.
“What makes you think she’ll have anything to do with you?” Matt replied, zeroing in on the woman with that fabulous ass, but whose face they couldn’t yet see.
“If I want her, she’ll be more than willing to have something — more than something to do with me.”
“If only I could be one of the infamous Knight brothers for a day,” Matt muttered.
“Shut up, Matt. Don’t even pretend you’re humble,” Tyler told his friend, still gazing at the woman, not wanting to miss the moment when she turned around. After all, she could be a dog.
“Compared with you and your brothers, I’m a damn saint,” Matt said, the smile obvious in his voice.
“Maybe so, but I’m the nice guy of the three of us young Knights,” Tyler told him.
“The sad thing about that statement is that it’s true,” Matt muttered with a laugh.
“When you’re raised by narcissistic parents — to use a fancy psychological term — parents who then get murdered before your eyes, it tends to make you a little bit...shall we say, aloof,” Tyler replied.
“Then how have you always been able to stay so positive?”
“I don’t know. I was so young when it happened. My brothers got the worst end of that stick. I guess I just feel that life is too short to dwell in the past. My philosophy is that a night in the arms of the right woman can heal the most wounded of souls.”
“Then why haven’t you bedded anyone lately?” Matt asked. “How the hell do you know that I haven’t?” Tyler grumbled. “You’ve been complaining about it for a while,” Matt pointed out. “Yeah, I need to learn to keep my damn mouth shut.”
“So why not settle down?”

“ I was ready to and I failed epically in choosing the right woman. I don’t know, man. I think it’s harder than people realize to find that one woman you can’t live without. I love women, love how they feel, how they smell, how they...taste. Then their true colors come out, and their claws sharpen. If I could find that girl without a hidden agenda or a tendency to fuck strangers in a closet, then maybe, just maybe, I would do exactly that.
“Damn, Tyler. Should I call up Oprah now?” Matt asked with a laugh.
“Go to hell, Matt. Maybe my future wife is right over there in a very appealing red tank top,” Tyler said as he stood up.
“Well, then, go and get her, tiger.” Matt signaled for the bill.
The woman finally turned, and when she looked up, her eyes met with Tyler’s across the room, and he felt as if he’d been punched in the stomach.
“Who in the hell is she?” he whispered, though he wasn’t looking for a response.
“Holy shit, she’s gorgeous,” Matt muttered. “There’s no way that woman is available.”
Just then she lifted a delicate hand and brushed back her sun-kissed golden brown hair, the thick strands falling over her shoulders and hanging midway down her back. The bar was dim, but even from about twenty feet away, Tyler could see that she had light eyes, shining eyes, and her lips damn, her lips were plump and pink, and they were calling to him.
Tyler didn’t give a flying whatever if the woman was taken. He knew for sure he wasn’t leaving this bar without her. 


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